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Alden x Leffot Natural CXL Longwing Restock

Alden first introduced us to Horween Natural Chromexcel in January 2010. Since then our Natural Longwing’s have become something of a staple at Leffot and we have just restocked.

Natural CXL is a wonderful leather the color is totally versatile and goes great with denim, or khaki for a perfect casual look. With wear and care it develops a patina that looks lived in and rich and much better with age. Here’s an example of our Natural LWB.

Barrie Last, Natural Chromexcel, Double Waterlock Soles

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Alden x Leffot PT Boot, Brown CXL

Our new PT boot is a combination of a number of our favorite Alden things: brown chromexcel leather, the Barrie last, commando soles, brass eyelets, and a plain toe. All told these boots are extremely comfortable and stylish.

Its a super wearable boot that goes with just about anything, from jeans to a sport coat, an instant classic. Because its made with Horween Chromexcel and lugged commando soles, its as much at home on a hike as it is out to dinner. And did we mention they’re an instant classic?

Barrie Last, Brown Chromexcel, Brass Eyelets, Commando Sole

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Alden Natural CXL Indy Boot Pre-order

The Natural Chromexcel Indy Boot is one of our most popular Alden makeups. Made with Horween’s extremely wearable Chromexcel leather, it will gain character and depth as it ages. Built on Commando soles, it will be durable and sure-footed in any number of situations.

We are now taking pre-orders for the next delivery of Natural CXL Indy Boots coming Spring 13. Pre-orders will be done in two stages. Standard D and E widths can be ordered with a non-refundable, non-transferable 20% deposit through our online shop. You will be contacted once the boots arrive for final payment.

Non-stock sizes that are not available on our pre-order page can be requested by contacting us via email at by Thursday, January 24th. We will advise you if Alden can make a pair in your requested size.

Update: The order has now been submitted. Please refer to the pre-order page for the remaining available sizes. We cannot accept special size orders after this date.

We hope this policy will make it easier for you to get the Alden makeups in sizes that are difficult to find.

Trubalance Last, Natural Chromexcel, Commando Soles

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Alden Tan Suede Longwing

Alden’s Tan Suede Longwing is one of our favorite versions of their classic wingtip style. The tan suede is a perfect color to go with casual fabrics like denim and khaki, but not too rugged to be dressed up to smoother fabrics and more subdued colors.

Suede is a much more durable leather than its reputation proceeds. Put a little wear on these and they will look great with just about everything.

Barrie Last, Tan Suede, Single Flex Soles


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Alden 405C

Alden’s Indy Boot is a classic work boot designed for comfort, support, and endurance. It was not, however, designed for winter. Fortunately, this problem is  solved easily enough.

The addition of commando soles to the classic 405 design makes for an entirely new boot, with added traction for slippery surfaces and a lighter weight for nimbly dodging around patches of ice and snow.

Don’t be afraid to wear these once the snow melts though. Smooth brown cowhide makes for a more refined boot than most, which increases wearability and versatility, and lugged soles are suitable for almost any terrain. If you only own one boot, it should be this one.

Trubalance Last, Brown Cowhide, Commando Soles

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Alden x Leffot Saddle Shoe Restock

Spring is already fast approaching (okay maybe not so fast) but there is nothing better to go with the spring colors than these bright and lively saddle shoes, now making their second appearance at Leffot.

These preppy pairs were made for us on the Barrie last in tan calfskin with navy suede saddle, brass eyelets and red micro soles. They’re light as a feather and look great with khakis, seersucker as well as gray or navy slacks.

Barrie Last, Tan Calfskin/Navy Suede, Red Micro Soles

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Alden Suede Longwings

Alden’s longwing is the perfect template for a number of different leathers, many of which are suedes. Suede works especially well with the longwing style, not only because it adds casual style to a classic, ornate design, but because its texture compliments the broguing on a wingtip like no other leather.

We now have both the Navy Suede and Snuff Suede longwings in stock. The Navy exhibits beautiful contrast with its natural edge and brass eyelets. The Snuff Suede is all about the leather, rich, bright, and perfect with jeans.

Barrie Last, Navy Suede, Antiqued Edge, Double Waterlock Soles

Barrie Last, Snuff Suede, Single Waterlock Soles, Antique Edge

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Alden x Leffot George Boot, Snuff Suede

We love to make shoes in snuff suede. Its got a bright and vibrant look to it, its supremely soft, and its color and texture go with just about anything, especially denim and flannel.

This time around, we decided to make Alden’s George boot with snuff suede. Its an incredibly comfortable shoe, but because of their soft square toe and sleek last, can be dressed up as well as down.

Plaza Last, Snuff Suede, Nickel Buckle, Single Leather Soles

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