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Gaziano & Girling Deco’s

It’s always a treat to unpack a box of G&G shoes and even more so when it contains made to order pairs of their stunning Deco collection. Recent arrivals include these beauties.

The Deco range incorporates additional hand making. All of the waists and soles are hand finished, the uppers are hand lasted and the materials are cut from the very finest leathers.

This last is so sleek, so elegant it is unmistakably G&G. All Deco shoes are available made to order only.

Collcutt Deco Last, Deco Black

Joyce Deco Last, Vintage Oak

Papworth Deco Last, Black Calfskin

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Gaziano & Girling Monaco Loafer

Loafers can come in a variety of leathers and styles, from suede to cordovan and from rubber soled slippers to opera pumps.

These new loafers by Gaziano and Girling aren’t exactly opera slippers, but they are a more modern, sleek, and formal take on the classic penny loafer design. Their Vintage Pine calfskin is a highly unique leather, looking bright and lively while still remaining subdued and elegant. The entire ensemble makes for a loafer that is both classic and one-of-a-kind.

Check Availability HERE

KN14 Last, Vintage Pine, Single Leather Soles

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Gaziano and Girling Deco and Bespoke

Gaziano and Girling’s Deco and Bespoke ranges are some of the most refined shoes you can find anywhere. Attention is paid to every single detail, from the subtle broguing and burnishing to the flared waist and even the shoe trees.

Gaziano and Girling will be in the store on Monday, April 23rd to exhibit samples in a variety of style. Dean Girling will be on hand from 11-7 come by to have a pair of shoes made to order or simply to enjoy the view.

Rogers, Deco Last, Bleached Black Calf, Single Leather Soles

Side Laced Wholecut, Bespoke Last, Cherry Calf, Single Leather Soles

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Gaziano & Girling Joyce, Deco

Gaziano & Girling’s Deco range is their highest quality line. They are ready-to-wear shoes with a bespoke attitude: extreme attention is paid to the smallest detail. Inspired by an “interpretation of 1920′s and 1930′s high society footwear,” they are sleek and tight-waisted, with exceptional hand-finished detailing.

The Deco last is only available in this range, with lines that hug the foot and present a stylish, streamlined silhouette.

Below is a Deco shoe recently made for one of our clients in Montreal. As you can see, the shoes are astounding.

Click here to see more shoes in the Deco range.

Our upcoming Gaziano & Girling Trunk Show, on Monday, April 23rd, will feature samples from the Deco range as well as their classic line. Please come by to make an order or and enjoy some of the most beautiful English shoes today.

Joyce Deco Last, Polo Suede, Single Leather Soles

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Gaziano and Girling MTO

In anticipation of our trunk show with Gaziano and Girling Monday, April 23rd we are featuring made to order G&G shoes for your consideration.

Below are just a few examples of the amazing shoes you can create, in a wide variety of styles and materials.

If you appreciate fine English shoes with a contemporary design you owe it to yourself to visit this show.

Burnham TG73 Last, Vintage Oak, Double Leather Soles


Astaire GG06 Last, Brown Pingrain/Mole Suede, Double Leather Soles

Cannes KN14 Last, Black Calf , Single Leather Soles

Grant DG70 Last, Vintage Cedar, Single Leather Soles

Monaco KN14 Last, Brown English Grain/Midnight Calf

Astaire DG70 Last, Black Pingrain/Dove Suede

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Gaziano & Girling Grosvenor

We’re excited about these new double monks strap shoes from G&G. We first set eyes on them at our trunk show last October and we knew we had to have them for our stock.

Made on the sharp square TG73 last in Midnight calfskin these babies are for rocking out in suits or jeans.

The Grosvenor is one of the newer models designed by Tony Gaziano and it will be among others on display during our upcoming trunk show April 23rd.

TG73 Last, Midnight Antique, Silver Buckles, Single Leather Soles

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Spring Trunk Show Schedule

Spring is here and that means another round of trunk shows from our talented shoemakers.

Trunk shows are an excellent opportunity to meet the shoemakers and view a wide selection of models in one place.

In addition to having shoes made-to-order the shows are simply an enjoyable event for aficionados of quality footwear. We look forward to seeing many of you there.

Alfred Sargent Trunk Show

Thursday, April 12th · 11:00am – 7:00pm

Chay Cooper, AS Product Director presents Alfred Sargent’s Handgrade Collection.

Alfred Sargent has been making shoes in Northamptonshire, England since 1899 and they put every bit of expertise and ability into each pair.

Since its release their Handgrade Collection has been a huge success. Now they’ve bumped it up to the next level by introducing the “New Waist”. It’s quite a lot narrower and features a V shaped heel but retains the Fiddleback sole at the same time.



Gaziano & Girling Trunk Show

Monday, April 23rd · 11:00am – 7:00pm

Gaziano & Girling presents their latest Ready to Wear and Bespoke collections along with their new and highly regarded Deco Range.

These shoes are sophisticated, and stylish in colors that are rich and versatile, Gaziano & Girling’s mission is to create a bespoke aesthetic in a ready to wear shoe.

Tony Gaziano and Dean Girling are recognized in the trade as artists and craftsmen of exceptional skill.

Edward Green Trunk Show

Thursday, May 10th · 11:00am – 7:00pm

Edward Green is regarded by many to be “The finest shoes in England for the discerning few.” A more classic English shoe would be hard to find.

Having been in business for more than 120 years Edward Green has become discreetly famous for probably the finest welted shoes.

Our EG shows are tremendously popular. We present the largest selection of samples assembled at any Edward Green show in North America, including several new models. If you love Edward Green, and frankly who doesn’t, you won’t want to miss this event.

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