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Gaziano & Girling MTOs

Gaziano and Girling shoes are a precise exercise in unique style. These made to order shoes are excellent examples of that fact, perfectly straddling the line between classic and modern with distinctive yet subtle style in hand. It all comes through in the details, from the sleek lasts, to the one-of-a-kind buckles, to the classic broguing, everything compliments the whole.

Please join us Monday, September 30th when Dean Girling will be here for our next trunk show.

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Boots for fall

Fall will be here soon, and with it comes wet, sticky, nasty weather that begs for appropriate footwear. Every man needs a good pair of boots, and we sell many different kinds. They’re all perfect for keeping your feet protected from the elements. Some of our favorites are pictured here, and we’ll be getting more in as fall gets even nearer.

Clockwise from bottom-left: Leffot Barrow, Edward Green Gresham, Edward Green Newmarket, Alden Indy Boot, Gaziano & Girling Arran, Leffot Barrow, Alden x Leffot Naval Boot, Alden x Leffot Chukka, Alden x Leffot George Boot, Alden x Leffot Greenwich Boot

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Fall Trunk Shows

Fall is almost here, and for us at Leffot that means trunk shows. We organize trunk shows with our vendors twice a year. This is a fantastic opportunity to meet the shoemakers or their representatives who are extremely knowledgeable about their products. It is also an excellent chance to see first hand many sample styles.

Our fall schedule of shows kicks off at the end of this month. Dean Girling from Gaziano & Girling will be here to help you choose the perfect fit, leather and last for your G&G made-to-order shoes. Edward Green, Saint Crispin’s, and Justin FitzPatrick (a.k.a. The Shoe Snob) will also be here this fall. You can check out the dates for the rest of our fall shows here.

September 30 — Gaziano & Girling with Dean Girling

October 8 and 9 — Saint Crispin’s with Phillip Car

October 18 — John Lobb with Paul Goring

October 30 – Edward Green with Robert Godley

November 21 — Justin Fitzpatrick, aka The Shoe Snob

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