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Top Three Stock Shoes of 2013

Alden dominated 2013. The top three makeups were shell cordovan Aldens on the Barrie last: our Color 8 Tanker Boot, Color 8 LWB with Antique Edge, and Black Naval Boot. Each is very different from the others, but they’re all very special, and we love each one.

We’d like to thank each and every one of you for your continued support and encouragement these past 12 months. It means a great deal to us. We wish you all good health, much happiness, and success in the New Year.

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WSJ Off Duty

Check out the Off Duty section of today’s Wall Street Journal for a guide to the men’s shoes of today. We’re proud to have our Alden x Leffot Naval boots and Church’s Kabers included in the mix, along with some of our popular shoe care products. Our thanks to the WSJ for keeping guys in-the-know.

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Boots for fall

Fall will be here soon, and with it comes wet, sticky, nasty weather that begs for appropriate footwear. Every man needs a good pair of boots, and we sell many different kinds. They’re all perfect for keeping your feet protected from the elements. Some of our favorites are pictured here, and we’ll be getting more in as fall gets even nearer.

Clockwise from bottom-left: Leffot Barrow, Edward Green Gresham, Edward Green Newmarket, Alden Indy Boot, Gaziano & Girling Arran, Leffot Barrow, Alden x Leffot Naval Boot, Alden x Leffot Chukka, Alden x Leffot George Boot, Alden x Leffot Greenwich Boot

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Alden x Leffot Greenwich Boot, Navy CXL

Just as the weather’s started to cool off this week, we received a shipment of our Greenwich boots from Alden. This is the first time we’ve done the Greenwich Boot in Navy CXL. They’re made on the Barrie last, which is arguably Alden’s best-fitting and most comfortable last. The uppers are made of Horween’s navy chromexcel and set off by brass eyelets and speed hooks, and the soles are made of plantation crepe, which means they’re comfortable and ready for any kind of weather. If you were a fan of our Navy CXL longwings, then these boots are right up your alley.

Barrie Last, Navy Chromexcel, Plantation Crepe Soles

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Blue Shoes

If you’re looking to take a step beyond classic brown and black calfskin shoes, consider trying something in blue. It’s a surprisingly versatile color that works well with chinos, odd trousers, or white jeans in the summer. And if it’s winter, they pair nicely with medium or charcoal trousers or winter whites. So listen here: you need not be timid when it comes to wearing blue shoes. Just don’t let anyone step on them.

Leffot Barrow
Alden x Leffot Longwing
La Cordonnerie Anglaise Luxor
Saint Crispin’s 506
Church’s Kaber
Leffot Waverly
Edward Green Sandown

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