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Saint Crispin’s Trunk Show

Our trunk show with Saint Crispin’s is underway. Phillip Car is here today and tomorrow, March 10 and 11, from 11 to 7. Drop by anytime to see his extraordinary collection of shoes.

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Saint Crispin’s Trunk Show

You are cordially invited to join us for a trunk show with Saint Crispin’s on March 10 and 11 from 11:00 am – 7:00 pm. Mr. Phillip Car, Managing Director of Saint Crispin’s, will be here to present the collection.

Founded in 1992, Saint Crispin’s is recognized as a leader in design and craftsmanship of fine European footwear. As such, they only work with very fine selected partners around the world.

Headquartered in Austria and made in Romania, all Saint Crispin’s shoes are handcrafted by a small team of artisans — craftsmen and women. Their shoes are quite possibly as close to a bespoke fit as you will find in a ready-to-wear shoe. And while that may sound like a big statement, in our opinion these shoes are top flight all the way.

The attention to detail is evident in all aspects of the shoes, not least of which is the fit. Saint Crispin’s designs their shoes with human engineering in mind. The heels are canted, which means the outside of the heel is slightly lower than the inside, as is the top line under the ankles, thus cradling the natural resting position of your foot.

The same attention to design goes into the styling of the shoes as well. Saint Crispin’s shoes are some of the most unique shoes produced, full of individualism and character.

The company’s business model is based on custom shoe orders, and as such, you will be offered a wide variety of models, leathers, and fits, including individualized lasts. Your shoes will be delivered to you in approximately 8-10 weeks.

We encourage you to take advantage of this special opportunity to meet Phillip Car and check out his extraordinary collection of shoes.

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Spring 2014 Trunk Shows

Believe it or not, spring will be here next month, and for us at Leffot that means trunk shows. We organize trunk shows with our vendors twice a year. This is a fantastic opportunity to meet the shoemakers or their representatives who are extremely knowledgeable about their products. It is also an excellent chance to see first hand many sample styles.

Our spring schedule of shows kicks off early next month when Phillip Car of Saint Crispin’s visits to help you choose the perfect fit, leather, and last for your Saint Crispin’s shoes. Dean Girling from Gaziano & Girling and Pierre Corthay of Corthay will also be here later this spring. You can check out the dates for the rest of our fall shows HERE. We’ll be posting more dates once they’ve been confirmed.

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Saint Crispin’s X Loafer Pre-Order

We are currently accepting pre-orders for our Saint Crispin’s X Loafers in three suedes: midnight, chocolate, and sand. We designed these loafers in collaboration with Saint Crispin’s as a unique take on the classic tassel loafer. Their clean design combined with the Classic Last makes for a shoe that can take on any situation and not be out of place. Saint Crispin’s are for those who sweat the details, and with the X loafer, the details are all just right.

To see our full pre-order policy, click HERE.

Classic Last; Midnight, Chocolate, or Sand Suede; Wood Pegged Waist

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Saint Crispin’s New Website

Saint Crispin’s recently launched their new website, which features a comprehensive archive of all their models. They offer many customization options, from Cuban heels to sole monograms and last alterations to trial shoes, and now they’re all available to see in a single place. The new site is one of the best ways to discover what’s available with Saint Crispin’s. You can have a look HERE.

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A Saint Crispin’s Christmas

Christmas came early for some lucky clients, as a large round of Saint Crispin’s MTOs arrived this past week. These shoes were designed at our most recent trunk show with Saint Crispin’s in October. Each pair is a unique expression of its owner — whether they be red and blue oxfords or shrunken calf monk straps. You won’t find shoes like this from any other maker.

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Saint Crispin’s Austerity Brogues

During WWII, restrictions were placed on leather usage in England, and shoemakers began to offer their brogues without punching. They called the result the austerity brogue, and it remains with us today.

Two austerity brogues from Saint Crispin’s, the 523 and the 104, arrived to the store recently. The 523 is made in bordeaux calfskin on the chiseled last, and we’ve done the 104 on the classic last in a highly unique dark brown color. Both can be worn with different levels of formality, from a dark suit to all the way to jeans. They’re elegantly unique in a way only Saint Crispin’s can achieve.

523 Oxford, Chiseled Last, Bordeaux Calfskin, Wood Pegged Waist
104 Oxford, Classic Last, Black/Brown Calfskin, Wood Pegged Waist

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Saint Crispin’s 523 Chukka and 532 Oxford

Shrunken calf is a unique leather that’s exclusive to Saint Crispin’s. The distinct texture is created by steaming the hides, which causes them to shrink as they dry. It’s one of the many advantages that Saint Crispin’s offers in their shoes.

We recently received a shipment of Saint Crispin’s, and inside were two shoes in shrunken calf — the 524 Chukka and a restock of the 532 Oxford. Both come in an elegant dark brown that looks great with anything from dark suits to raw denim.

524 Chukka, Chiseled Last, Black/Brown Shrunken Calfskin, Wood Pegged Waist
532 Oxford, Riva Last, Black/Brown Shrunken Calfskin, Wood Pegged Waist

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