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A Suitable Wardrobe Visits Leffot

Many of you are of course familiar with Will Boehlke and his blog “A Suitable Wardrobe”. Will offers tips and guidance on topics that range from sartorial style to casual ease. ASW is among the top ranked men’s style blogs today, a must see.

Recently Will was in New York and paid a call on us. We had a wonderful visit, which can be seen in this short video produced by filmmaker Andrew Yamato. For those of you who have yet to see us in New York this video provides insight on the shop itself.

Thanks to Will and Andrew it was great to see you both. We greatly appreciate your kind words and support.

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Arca Thanks

Occasionally our clients are so moved by their shoes they take time out of their busy schedules to write us a note to express their pleasure. It pleases us to be able to facilitate such contentment and motivates us to keep providing great shoes made by great shoemakers.

The letter below is from our client D.F. in Toronto who purchased this pair of Pierre Corthay Aubergine Arca’s in June.

Hello Steven,

Thank you very, very much for the (Pierre Corthay) shoetrees, and thank you particularly for your excellent customer service. Not only did you go out of your way to spend the extra money to ship express, you also remembered the shoe cream. Quite amazingly, the shoetrees arrived on Tuesday, which must be a record for the U.S. & Canadian Postal Services. Also, there was no duty! The trees are definitely beautiful in every exquisite detail.

I wore the shoes for the first time the other day and it was a momentous occasion. I felt like the king of the world. The shoes attracted an amazing number of stares and astounding number of positive questions and compliments.

Of course we proudly told everyone about yourself, your amazing boutique and particularly about your outstanding personal service. We were in Berlin, but many of the people we spoke to were Americans, so hopefully some of them will show up at your store, or contact you.

The shoes felt a little tight when I first put them on, and I started to wonder if I had made a mistake or if I had put on a few pounds since June. After a while (maybe an hour or two), an amazing phenomenon happened. The shoes started to feel so comfortable, as if they were bespoke shoes made for my feet.

Pierre Corthay really knows how to make a shoe, and they are worth every penny. We hope our little tale brings a smile to your face and joy to your heart. We recount all this for you mainly to tell you that it is a pleasure to know you and that we look forward to a long fruitful relationship with you.

Best regards,


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Hot, Hot, and More Hot

It’s been over two years since we began publishing this blog. This was our very first post back in June 2008. Now that the summer is here it’s seems relevant.

When it gets this hot it’s tempting to wear your shoes without socks. I’m not talking about sandals or sneakers. I’m talking about “shoes” like the Church’s Grafton.

I tried it on Saturday, and didn’t get very far. For me relief came in a small box of Band Aid Brand, Blister Block strips.

Sure powder helps absorb perspiration but in this heat, not very much. What’s your secret to wearing shoes barefoot comfortably?

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Leffot Anniversary

May 5th is a very special day for Leffot as it marks our second anniversary. We are extremely thankful, gratified and humbled to all who have supported and encouraged us along the way. As we begin year three our goal remains the same, simply to bring you the choicest shoes and accessories possible while providing you with excellent service.

Leffot Before and After

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“The” Guide

Phaidon Publishers has released its 2010 Wallpaper* City Guide of 80+ cities around the world. They are designed to be concise and stylish a “Best Of” each city so to speak. The categories are divided among Landmarks, Hotels, 24 Hours, Urban Life, Architour, Shopping, Sports, and Escapes.

Of particular interest in the NYC guide is the Shopping section, which this year includes Leffot as one of only eleven outstanding shops featured; that’s pretty special. If you plan on visiting New York, this book is a must have. Pick up a guide of your favorite city or even the city where you live, they’re informative and up to the minute, an urban survival guide in about 100 pages or on your iPhone.

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A Man of Permanent Style

Our good friend and founder of Permanent Style, Simon Crompton paid us a visit this week. PS is the biggest blog on men’s elegance in the UK. You may already be familiar with it, if not I highly recommend you visit its full of helpful sartorial advice as Simon takes us along on his search for the ultimate wardrobe. In addition Simon is editor-in-chief of The Gentleman’s Corner and a contributor to The Rake.

In spite of maintaining a hectic schedule in NY Simon was gracious enough to find the time to post an article about Leffot on Permanent Style. I thank you sir.

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