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Boot Dressing

Originally posted 1/3/10

Now that winter seems to be settling in on most parts of the country we thought it might be a good time to re-post this video.

So many have asked us how to treat and protect their boots for winter that we’ve decided to put together a short video. Caring for your boots is not very difficult and if you take a little time to work on them it’ll go a long way to help protecting them.

The frequency of dressing your boots depends on the weather. You can’t over do it but you don’t have to go gonzo either. If it’s very wet do it more say once a week, if it’s not then once a month should be fine. If you live in a cold area the dry heat in your home will require you to dress them more often. There’s no definitive schedule but you’ll begin to know when just by looking at the condition of your boots.

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Montana Pitch-Blend

The folks at Montana Pitch-Blend have been producing some of Americas finest leather care products for over 20 years. They take great pride in handcrafting their products using pine pitch, pure mink oil, and natural beeswax, no artificial ingredients, no chemicals, no silicone, and no petroleum. That means optimal conditioning and weather protection for your rugged footwear.

Available in 4 & 14 Ounce Size

Montana Pitch - Leffot

We’re proud to be a stockist of this fine handcrafted artisanal leather care product. We stock MPB in 4 and 12-ounce tubs. This is an exquisite conditioning preservative paste for maintaining and protecting all types of rugged leather. This rich conditioning paste has the very highest water repellency, the ideal product for protecting your Wolverine 1000 Mile boots, Alden Indy boots or Quoddy moccasins.

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Get You Thru The Snow

Winter! When will it end? Not anytime soon, one month down but two to go. If you find yourself behind the snow curve we’re here for you.

And for maximum water protection be sure to use Montana Pitch Blend Leather Dressing on all your rugged leather boots.

Viberg, Peanut Bullhide, Vibram 132 Soles 

Quoddy, Woodsman Brown Chromexcel, Sheepskin Lined Crepe Soles

Viberg, Ink Blue Reverse Chromexcel, Vibram Christie Soles

Rider, Hobo Boot Rough Out Mohawk Leather, Sestriere Soles

Alden, 404 Indy Boots, TruBalance Last in Kudu Leather on Vibram Lug Soles

Wolverine 1000 Mile, W05300 Black Chromexcel

Edward Green, Galway 82 Last, Dark Oak/Walnut Country Calf, Dainite Soles

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