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Swims Galoshes

The weather can’t always agree with your outfit. Swims Galoshes are an easy way to protect your shoe investment from less than ideal skies.

Designed in Norway, Swims embody the intersection between style and practicality. Made of a unique rubber compound that allows for durability and flexibility, and with a low friction flocking for easy application during the multiple trips of a busy rainy day, Swims are built for convenience and longevity. A textured sole helps to keep you from taking a seat on unexpectedly slippery terrain.

With a sleek, simple design and lush velvety interior that helps maintain a shine on your shoes, Swims allow one to be both prepared and well dressed. We stock them in black, brown, and navy, ready to be easily matched with any color of shoe.

Built to fit almost any shoe in your size, these galoshes will be your icky weather workhorses for precipitation of any kind.

Sizes: Medium (8-9), Large (9.5-10), Extra Large (10.5-11)

Swims Galoshes – Black, Brown, Navy

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