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How to clean suede

Suede isn’t as delicate as you may have heard. In fact it’s quite resilient and easy to clean. We recommend Saphir’s Omni’nettoyant, which works like a shampoo for suede, working into a lather and cleaning deep into the nap. It’s strong enough to clean thoroughly but gentle enough not to damage the leather. It’s important to care for your shoes, and suede is no exception.

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The Fold

These svelte sheaths are about as low tech as you can get: just a single piece of Horween shell cordovan, three folds, and voila — your cash is snugly secured in horse ass leather for safekeeping. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Available in small, which fits US currency and no credit cards, and large, which fits US and foreign currencies and a few credit cards.

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Now in stock: new Jill Platner bracelets

We recently received several bracelets in new styles from Jill Platner. They’re all handmade in the Jill Platner workshop here in New York. Made with sterling silver pieces on a durable teflon thread, they’re beautiful, organic pieces for your wrist. Creek, Lucky Rocks, Deuce, or Clasp Bracelet



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