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Stefano Bemer trunk show until 7pm today

Our trunk show with Stefano Bemer is in full swing. Tommaso Melani, Managing Director, is here until 7pm. Offering both bespoke and ready-to-wear, Stefano Bemer shoes are entirely handmade with exacting attention to detail in their workshop in Florence. A variety of leathers are available, ranging from traditional calfskins and shell cordovan to elephant, hippo, shark, and other exotics, all done in the singular Stefano Bemer style.

Stefano Bemer trunk show at Leffot

Enzo Bonafè Button Boots

These sleek, elegant captoe boots combine suede and calfskin for a nuanced middle between the casual and the formal. This ease translates to its fit as well, which is surprisingly comfortable and light, made possible by its unique Blake construction. If you fancy yourself a bit of a dandy, a pair of high button shoes is a must have for your wardrobe. Enzo Bonafè Button Boots, now available in four colors

Enzo Bonafè Button Boots

Alden Natural CXL Penny Loafer

These penny loafers have an easy comfortable fit and classic styling. The hand sewn moc toes are particularly attractive when paired with Horween’s unlined natural chromexcel. They’re easy to wear, low maintenance, and will last you for years. Van Last, Unlined Natural Chromexcel, Flex Soles



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