Saint Crispin's 104 Oxford

Saint Crispin's 104 Oxford

Dark Brown Calfskin

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Headquartered in Vienna, Saint Crispin’s does not follow the Viennese tradition exclusively but produces a style which is appreciated all over the world.

All shoes are handmade by a small team of artisans, craftsmen and women who have been highly trained within the company. Some key employees have been employed for nearly 20 years. This continuity reinforces the extremely high level of quality and consistency found in their shoes.

During WWII, restrictions were placed on leather usage in England, and shoemakers began to offer their brogues without punching. They called the result the austerity brogue, and it remains with us today. Saint Crispin's 104 is an austerity brogue made in a highly unique dark brown. It can be worn with different levels of formality, from a dark suit all the way to jeans. They’re elegantly unique in a way only Saint Crispin’s can achieve.

Features: Classic Last, Dark Brown Calfskin, Wood Pegged Sole

Sizing: Saint Crispin’s shoes come in UK sizes, which run a full size larger than U.S. sizes. We recommend ordering a full size smaller than your U.S. size. Saint Crispin’s standard width is F.

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