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Alden x Leffot Black Naval Boot, Re-Issue

Black shell cordovan really doesn’t get the love it deserves. It has a lacquered glow that you can only truly appreciate in person, and yet it maintains its shine with little care or maintenance.

These Horween Shell Cordovan boots are a versatile addition to your wardrobe that spans from jeans to a navy or grey suit. Their classic, simple design, reminiscent of vintage US Naval boots, makes them a three-season workhorse, made expressly for Leffot.

The double leather black bottom soles, with a 360-degree flat welt, enhance the boot’s simplicity while adding durability and comfort. Designed with nine black agatine eyelets and black* waxed laces these boots are spit-shined and ready to serve.

Barrie Last, Black Shell Cordovan, Double Leather Soles

*Due to heavy pre-orders size are limited.

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Alden x Leffot Naval Boot, Color 8 Cordovan

There are plain toe boots, there are wingtip boots and then there’s the Alden x Leffot Naval boot. New to Leffot in color 8 shell cordovan this boot is inspired by our original model in black shell.

Made to our specifications, we detailed these on the Barrie last with nine matching agatine eyelets, double leather soles, flat welt, antique edges and a classic 2 x 1 perforated captoe. This boot is as clean as a whistle and sure to be a staple in any wardrobe.


Barrie Last, Color 8 Cordovan, Double Leather Soles, Antique Edge


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Alden Captoe Naval boot

Alden x Leffot Kudu Longwing Blucher – Reissue

We love our Longwings from Alden; each is like one of our children beautiful in it’s own way. The design key of this particular model is its ability to deal with harsh weather with grace. and incredible comfort.

We’ve taken the classic Alden LWB design and given it all of the details needed for maximum durability and comfort.

That means high-traction natural plantation crepe soles, pre-stitched reverse welts, water-resistant oiled Kudu leather, agatine eyelets, and cordo-hyde laces.

Barrie Last, Kudu Calfskin, Plantation Crepe Soles


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kudu lw plantation sole

Alden x Leffot Plain Toe Blucher, Color 8

Our Alden x Leffot Color 8 Cordovan Plain Toe Blucher is the ultimate staple shoe. It’s both simple and elegant, casual and austere, rugged and refined. Made with Genuine Horween Burgundy shell cordovan, its deep hue will match with nearly any color.

The comfort of Alden’s plantation crepe soles and cordovan’s easy maintenance and notorious long life will make these an everyday shoe for decades.


Barrie Last, Color 8 Shell Cordovan, Plantation Crepe Sole, Antique Welt

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Alden plain toe color 8 plantn

Alden x Leffot Greenwich Boot, Tobacco Chamois

We’ve reissued our Alden x Leffot Greenwich Boot in Tobacco Chamois. This is only the second release and they’re just as handsome as the first.

Alden’s elegant Greenwich wingtip boot is made on the Barrie last, arguably the most comfortable and best fitting of all Alden lasts.

The uppers are Horween Tobacco Chamois a fat liquored, mill dyed leather essentially an oiled nubuck that not only looks great but is ideal for wet weather wear, and is incredibly soft and supple, while agatine eyelets all the way up make for a simple unified look.

We built these boots on Double Flex Welt soles, which are oil soaked for flexibility but also have a high degree of water resistance.

Barrie Last, Tobacco Chamois, Double Waterlock Soles

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Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 6.29.31 PM

Alden x Leffot Atom Blucher, Cigar Cordovan

Alden’s Atom Blucher is our favorite short wing. Originally made as part of their orthopedic line we tweaked this shoe to make it an all around champ. This new edition is in Horween Cigar shell cordovan a rich dark brown that gets better looking with age.

We detailed these shoes with versatility in mind; they can be worn equally well casually or for business. The soles are Alden’s single leather bone bottom with antiques edges, which are both light and flexible. These shoes are beyond versatile and incredibly comfortable.

Tremont Last, Cigar Shell Cordovan, Single Leather Sole

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Alden x Leffot Natural CXL Longwing Restock

Alden first introduced us to Horween Natural Chromexcel in January 2010. Since then our Natural Longwing’s have become something of a staple at Leffot and we have just restocked.

Natural CXL is a wonderful leather the color is totally versatile and goes great with denim, or khaki for a perfect casual look. With wear and care it develops a patina that looks lived in and rich and much better with age. Here’s an example of our Natural LWB.

Barrie Last, Natural Chromexcel, Double Waterlock Soles

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Alden x Leffot PT Boot, Brown CXL

Our new PT boot is a combination of a number of our favorite Alden things: brown chromexcel leather, the Barrie last, commando soles, brass eyelets, and a plain toe. All told these boots are extremely comfortable and stylish.

Its a super wearable boot that goes with just about anything, from jeans to a sport coat, an instant classic. Because its made with Horween Chromexcel and lugged commando soles, its as much at home on a hike as it is out to dinner. And did we mention they’re an instant classic?

Barrie Last, Brown Chromexcel, Brass Eyelets, Commando Sole

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