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Double Monk Strap Shoes

The double monk strap shoe is one of the most unique shoes you can buy. It gracefully embodies a number of contradictions. Its of the moment but also very classic. Its simply designed but surprisingly intricate. It comes from a formal background but can be very casual when you want it to be.

We have a number of double monk strap styles in stock at a wide range of prices and styles. From the suede 505 from St. Crispin’s to the oak Ramsey from Alfred Sargent, all would be a versatile and character-filled addition to your wardrobe.

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Wholecut Shoes

The beauty of a wholecut shoe is it’s clean smooth silhouette and unbroken lines. These are shoes made from a single piece of leather, which wraps around the feet like a baby’s swaddling blanket. As a result the fit is so comfortable you may never want to wear another style of shoe.

Wholecuts are more commonly made by English and European shoemakers, not so much by American manufacturers. Here are a few examples of some of the best in class.

Gaziano & Girling Cooper, Deco Last, Vintage Chestnut

St. Crispin Simply, Chiseled Last, Antique Burgundy

Alfred Sargent Milton, AS53 Last, Black Calfskin

 Edward Green Newbury, 888 Last, Burgundy Crup

Corthay Casanova, Sculpted Last, Vieux Bois Box Calf

St. Crispin 546, Riva Last, Dark Brown/Beige Piping

Gaziano & Girling Sinatra, TG73 Last, Black Calfskin

Corthay Belphegor, Sevres Last, Lie de Vin Box Calf


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Alfred Sargent Ramsey, Double Monk Strap

Since 1899 Alfred Sargent & Company have been producing fine welted shoes in Northamptonshire, England. To this day the company maintains their commitment to excellence with pride and dedication.

We have partnered with AS on several levels from their top of the line Handgrade range to our camo collaboration with Nick Wooster as well as house brand shoes. At every step along the way they have delivered shoes of a consistently high standard.

It is our pleasure to present a selection of Alfred Sargent’s “Exclusive Range” models. The range features shoes made the old fashioned English way, welted classics that are a cut above the rest. These shoes feature rolled waists and channel stitched soles, beautiful finishing and plenty of value.

The Ramsey double monk strap is in stock in Oak Antique and Black calfskin on a soft square last. Always a statement the Ramsey is super versatile and now available for the first time in New York exclusively at Leffot.

99 Last, Black Calfskin, Rolled Waist, Channeled Leather Soles

99 Last, Oak Antique, Rolled Waist, Channeled Leather Soles

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Alfred Sargent Pimlico

Alfred Sargent’s Pimlico is a simple shoe with European flair. Made in a casual, but highly elegant blucher style with a sleek, plain toe, these can be worn with just about anything. Its a shoe that is both versatile and personal.

The two versions allow for a wide range of uses. Brown suede will go with anything but a formal ensemble, pairing very well with the colors of dark denim, but simple enough for a suit. The black calf can to dressed up to a dark and formal suit or down to slacks and khakis.

106 Last, Espresso Suede, Single Leather Soles

106 Last, Black Calfskin, Single Leather Soles

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Alfred Sargent Belgrave, Chelsea Boot

The Chelsea boot is one of the most versatile styles of classic footwear. It’s simple design give it the austerity to be dressed up to the level of a formal suit, while that same simplicity helps it to pair well with jeans and add flair to casual outfits for a decidedly urban look.

Alfred Sargent’s Belgrave Chelsea comes in two colors. The black is chic and classic, a New York look if ever there was one. The Antique Oak is a rich brown that pairs perfectly with dark denim and grey flannel.

106EX Last, Black Calf, Single Leather Soles

106EX Last, Antique Oak Calf, Single Leather Soles

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Alfred Sargent Exclusive Range

Our Trunk Show with Alfred Sargent this Thursday will feature both the Handgrade and Exclusive ranges. The Exclusive range offers the beautiful craftsmanship and design of Alfred Sargent shoes at a lower price point than the Handgrade range, which features a higher level of refinement and finishing. Both ranges are of the highest quality and an excellent choice for any wardrobe.

As you can see from the Exclusive samples below, the line is not limited to any particular style or level of formality. It can span from hefty and casual wingtip boots to the more formal suede side-gusset slip on. All of these styles will be available to order on Thursday.

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