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Edward Green Shannon

A good pair of dress boots can be hard to find, but thankfully there’s Edward Green’s Shannon. It’s the kind of boot that can be worn easily with a suit and still look formal. We love rugged boots as much as anyone else, but there’s something to be said about the elegance of the Shannon.

Available in Cloud/Slate/Lavagna or Burgundy/Old Rose/Berry.

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Edward Green Galway, Chestnut Utah

The Galway is a most classic English Country Boot, yet quite urbane by today’s standards. This pair is made in Edward Green’s new Utah leather, which is a printed version of their supple Delapre, and has Dainite soles and a smart tapered round toe.

These boots glide easily between dress and casual occasions. Wear them with a suit when the morning weather is sub-par or on a snowy Saturday stroll. Boots don’t have to be rugged to get the job done, but they do need to be well made, and Edward Green makes them as good as they get.

82 Last, Chestnut Utah, Dainite Soles

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Alden x Leffot Daytripper Boots, Black Alpine Grain

These Daytripper boots are rugged captoes made on the elegant Grant last. We’ve done them in black alpine grain on commando soles, which will get you through the season’s harshest weather. Wear them with jeans or a suit and your feet will be high and dry.

Grant Last, Black Alpine Grain Calfskin, Commando Soles

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