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Edward Green Newmarket

The Chelsea boot traces its origins back to horse riding. They began as a type of riding boot also known as a paddock boot. In the 60′s they became a favorite among the Mod scene and today have endured as one of the most classic English boots.

Edward Green maker of extraordinarily fine English shoes produce the Newmarket Chelsea boot for Leffot in Burnt Pine Antique. This is a lovely medium brown tone that looks smart with just about any color it’s paired with.

The Chelsea boot was designed for its ease of slipping on and off. In addition the whole-cut forepart and elastic gussets Edward Green creates a boot that fits like a glove.

82 Last, Burnt Pine Antique Calfskin, Single Leather Soles


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Alfred Sargent Belgrave, Chelsea Boot

The Chelsea boot is one of the most versatile styles of classic footwear. It’s simple design give it the austerity to be dressed up to the level of a formal suit, while that same simplicity helps it to pair well with jeans and add flair to casual outfits for a decidedly urban look.

Alfred Sargent’s Belgrave Chelsea comes in two colors. The black is chic and classic, a New York look if ever there was one. The Antique Oak is a rich brown that pairs perfectly with dark denim and grey flannel.

106EX Last, Black Calf, Single Leather Soles

106EX Last, Antique Oak Calf, Single Leather Soles

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Gaziano & Girling, Burnham & Rothschild

The Burnham, Chelsea boot is now in stock just in time for autumn. This is a classic riding style boot but G&G takes them to a new level. Unlike most Chelsea’s the Burnham is a wholecut boot made from a single piece of calfskin. It’s a formidable task to block the uppers on the last, and there is very little margin for error.

The result is a super sleek, elegant shape and a fit that wraps your feet like a sock. Made on G&G’s signature chiseled last these boot pack an awful lot of style.

Burnham TG73, Vintage Oak, Single Oak Bark Soles

The tasteful lines of the Rothschild are a thing of beauty. This sophisticated wingtip on the smart round DG70 last is in Vintage Cedar. The Rothschild is stunningly handsome a classic full brogue wingtip yet there is a wonderful balance about them. They pair beautifully with blue, grey or brown suits. And of course they feature the tapered waist and fiddleback oak bark soles a hallmark of the G&G collection.


Rothschild DG70 Last, Vintage Cedar, Single Oak Bark Soles

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The Alfreton

Our newest boot is the Alfreton Chelsea by Church’s. A new style for us and for Church’s, the Alfreton is made on the 105 last in black polished binder with diamond rubber soles. The combination of highly polished calf plus a raised and rounder toe box makes this Chelsea boot a more contemporary version of the classic Amberley.

These are also excellent boots to wear in damp weather as well since polished binder repels dampness and the diamond rubber soles will keep the bottom of your feet dry.

Church’s Alfreton 105 Last in Black Polished Binder and Diamond Rubber Soles

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Santa Came Early MTO

I was more than a little surprised when Santa Claus pulled up in front of the store today to deliver this pair of Edward Green MTO’s for Joe S. He’s a lucky man since he just had a pair of Arca’s delivered to him by Pierre Corthay earlier this month.

Joe placed this order for the Newmarket on October 28, quite good delivery on EG’s part. These are in black calf on the 888 last. A classic Chelsea boot if ever there was one.

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Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots those timeless boots that bring back memories of the sixties, the Beatles, or the Rolling Stones. Chelsea boots quickly became popular with Mods because it fit in with their sleek, tailored look. Some varieties sported the so-called ‘Cuban heel,’ which was supposedly derived from flamenco footwear. Check out Ray Columbus and the Invaders on “She’s a Mod” not a great song but you get the essence of Mod style. Although the song grows on me and I’m very jealous of the thick heads of hair.

Sixties Chelsea Boots

Today the boot lives on in a more classic style that can be worn with a suit or jeans. We have two styles of Chelsea Boots at Leffot. The more traditional Church’s Amberley with its rounder toe and single pull strap,

Church’s Amberley in Black Calf

And the more contemporary chiseled toe model designed by Michel Perry for J.M. Weston.

J.M. Weston 631 in Black Calf by Michel Perry

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