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Alden Boots

It’s officially fall, and that means it’s time for boots. We just received two new makeups from Alden that are perfect for the season’s cooler weather.

The first is a natural CXL captoe. The combination of the flex soles and the natural CXL means they’ll be comfortable and ready to go right out of the box. They’ll pair wonderfully with khakis, cords, or jeans.

The second is a chukka in marble suede. The crepe soles are perfect for fall’s wet and dreary weather, and the marble suede uppers will give a nice pop to your outfit. They’ll go great with jeans or cords.

Captoe Boot, Barrie Last, Natural CXL, Flex Soles
Chukka, Barrie Last, Marble Suede, Crepe Soles

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Alden Unlined Snuff Suede Chukka

Alden’s 1493 chukka is the perfect spring and summer shoe. The bright snuff suede and dynamic natural edging are the perfect addition to the vibrant colors of the season.

The unlined leather allows for one of the softest shoes you will find, as well as a cool, breathable feel, making for an ideal shoe for sockless wear. Oil-soaked flex soles are light and readily flexible, great for the various terrains of the outdoors, wherever you may choose to go this summer.

Leydon Last, Unlined Snuff Suede, Flex Soles

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Alden x Leffot Tassel Loafer and Chukka Boot

If you’re looking for a shoe that’s the perfect combination of casual and dressy, then these suede tassel loafers are just what the shoe doctor ordered. The combination of vevety soft tan suede and flex welt soles makes for a shoe that’s easy to wear and sure to turn heads. Wear them sockless and with shorts, or with a pair of slacks and a sportcoat.

We made the chukkas in black suede with crepe soles and contrasting laces for a bit of a twist. The suede chukka is the ultimate summer shoe, as it’s cool and casual, and on a soft crepe sole, you’ll ready for anything without sacrificing comfort.

Tassel Loafer, Aberdeen Last, Tan Suede, Flex Soles

Chukka Boot, Barrie Last, Black Suede, Crepe Soles

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The Robb Report, April 2013

The Robb Report asked us which chukka boot we like best for spring. Hands down it’s the Alden snuff suede 1493 on Flex Welt soles. Not only is the unlined suede and flex soles incredibly comfortably, the color is super versatile.

Thanks to The Robb Report for choosing an American classic chukka as an “Element of Style.”

Alden 1493 Leydon Last, Snuff Suede, Flex Soles

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Edward Green Shanklin

The chukka boot is a mid-ankle boot that tows the line between a full boot and a blucher shoe. They are built for ease, comfort, and versatility. They can be worn in a number of different situations and still look appropriate and comfortable.

Edward Green’s new Shanklin chukka is no exception. Made in unlined Mushroom suede with a rubber sole, these are a comfortable and versatile as any shoe you will find. Because it’s made by Edward Green, you get the comfort and casual style of a suede chukka in addition to the classic silhouette and supreme quality that Edward Green is known for.

202 Last, Mushroom Suede, Rubber Soles

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Alden Snuff Suede Chukka

Today’s beautiful weather is a sign that spring is approaching and new weather calls for more appropriate attire. Suede Chukka boots are a staple of spring and summer footwear. The Alden 1493 snuff suede chukkas are an excellent choice.

They’re unlined, which makes them cool and comfortable. They will feel like slippers from the moment you first slip them on. Their bright and vibrant color fits right into the fresh new scenery of spring.  And unlike rubber soled chukkas, the leather Flex Welt soles give this boot the added versatility of being slightly dressier.

Leydon Last, Snuff Suede, Flex Soles

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Edward Green Olney

Edward Green’s Olney is a unique boot for many occasions. Its lush navy suede separates it from the crowd while maintaining an elegant and simple color. The antiqued edge contrasts beautifully with the leather, and its buckle chukka style is full of classic personality. Feel free to wear as you wish. This is one showstopper of a boot.

888 Last, Navy Suede, Single Leather Soles

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Quoddy Rowdy Chukka Restock

Another great fall Quoddy is back in stock. These, in a classic combination of dark brown “Rowdy” cowhide and brick Vibram soles, are distinctive and sharp. Wear these casually with a t-shirt and jeans or a tweed jacket for a dressier look. You won’t have to fuss over these durable and comfortable shoes. They’ll be a stand-by from the moment you first put them on.

Rowdy Cowhide, Brick Vibram Soles

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