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Corthay Sergio

Pierre Corthay makes shoes with singular style, and the Sergio is no exception. It’s a classic blucher done in grey suede with a unique flint patina that makes other suedes look boring. They’re made with an Evalite sole, which is very lightweight, and looks more elegant than other rubber soles. If you’re looking for a classic shoe with an understated twist, Corthay’s Sergio is it.

001 Last, Gris Suede, Evalite Soles

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Corthay MTO

On a recent trip to Paris I paid visit to our friend Pierre Corthay. Pierre’s shoes are cool and urbane like the man himself, a true pleasure to encounter and a special treat to wear. A delivery of Corthay MTO shoes has arrived and we present a few for your viewing pleasure.

Arca Sévres Last, Bleu Fonce Patent Leather, Red Piping – MTO

Bucy, Sévres Last, Lie de Vin – MTO

Casanova, Casanova Last, Caviar Patina, Red Piping – MTO

Rascaille, Sévres Last, Ecureuil Suede, Contrast Stitching – MTO

Arca Sévres Last, Olive Patina – MTO

Wilfrid, Odeon Last, Canon de Fusil /Grey Suede, Lilac Laces – MTO

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Wholecut Shoes

The beauty of a wholecut shoe is it’s clean smooth silhouette and unbroken lines. These are shoes made from a single piece of leather, which wraps around the feet like a baby’s swaddling blanket. As a result the fit is so comfortable you may never want to wear another style of shoe.

Wholecuts are more commonly made by English and European shoemakers, not so much by American manufacturers. Here are a few examples of some of the best in class.

Gaziano & Girling Cooper, Deco Last, Vintage Chestnut

St. Crispin Simply, Chiseled Last, Antique Burgundy

Alfred Sargent Milton, AS53 Last, Black Calfskin

 Edward Green Newbury, 888 Last, Burgundy Crup

Corthay Casanova, Sculpted Last, Vieux Bois Box Calf

St. Crispin 546, Riva Last, Dark Brown/Beige Piping

Gaziano & Girling Sinatra, TG73 Last, Black Calfskin

Corthay Belphegor, Sevres Last, Lie de Vin Box Calf


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Pierre Corthay MTO

Our trunk show with Pierre Corthay is coming up this Thursday. At the show, you can see samples of shoes styles and leathers and speak directly with the Pierre when placing your order.

To give you some ideas of the various shoes that can be custom made with Corthay, take a look at some of the shoes below, all custom made for our customers to their exact specifications.

Arca 001 Last, Framboise Patent, Silk Ribbons with Pom-Poms – MTO

Bella 001 Last, Lie de Vin Calfskin, Granny Apple Piping – MTO

Yawl 001 Last, Bleu Calfskin – MTO

Kleber 001 Last, Bergerone Calfskin – MTO

Arca Monk 001 Last, Lie de Vin Calfskin – MTO

Kleber 001 Last, Lie de Vin Calfskin – MTO

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Corthay MTO

Corthay shoes are many things, elegant, streamline, and sophisticated are a few adjectives that come to mind. But one thing they are not and that is for the faint of heart.

Case in point is this pair of Arca in Framboise patent leather with silk ribbons and pom-poms. These are the kind of shoes that make you stop in your tracks and say “holy crap”. They’re just begging to be spooned over a dish of vanilla ice cream.

And the Bella in dark Lie de Vin with granny apple piping is a deep rich wine that settles over you like a tonic. It’s all about simple design, meticulous execution and the use of color and materials that set Corthay in a class of his own.

Arca 001 Last, Framboise Patent, Silk Ribbons with Pom-Poms – MTO

Bella 001 Last, Lie de Vin Calfskin, Granny Apple Piping – MTO

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Corthay Satan, Bergeronette

Pierre Corthay’s shoes are wicked, you might even say satanic. In this case the name fits perfectly just like his shoes.

The Satan whole cut is an evil piece of shoemaking epitomized by the sculpted toe. These shoes are not for the timid or traditionalist they are bold and meant to be worn with a bit of devilish swagger.

We are stocking a limited number of Satan in Bergeronette, a rich caramel brown ideal with grey’s, blue’s, and brown’s and as always a pair of dark denim jeans.

Check Availability HERE.

Satan 001 Last, Bergeronette Calfskin

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Leffot Stock Shoes: Best of 2011

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your continued support and encouragement these past 12 months, it means a great deal to us. We wish you all good health, much happiness and success in the New Year.

Here is a round up of some of our favorite shoes we stocked in 2011 from each of our brands. We’ll continue to do our best to bring you more new models in 2012.

Alfred Sargent Benson AS19, Burnished Bruma

Aubercy Lawrence, Black Calf/Grey Suede

Alden Atom Blucher, Color 4 Shell Cordovan

Church’s Kaber 173 Last, Walnut Nevada Calf/Black Scotch Grain

Corthay Satan 001 Last, Vieux Noir


Edward Green Dover 606 Last, Tobacco Suede

Gaziano & Girling Walkton DG70 Last, Vintage Cherry/Chestnut Pingrain

Leffot Ivy, Horween Shell Cordovan

Quoddy Kennebec Chukka, Rowdy Cowhide

Rider Boot Co. Richmond 42 Last, Color 6 Shell Cordovan

Viberg #145 Brogue Captoe, Black Chromexcel

Wolverine W00721 Color 8 Shell Cordovan

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Leffot Made to Order Shoes: Best of 2011

It’s been quite a year, in the shoe world and otherwise. Our clients are creative and stylish guys of course, and they designed some incredible Made to Order shoes this year. So, as a parting gift to 2011, we’ve made of roundup of our favorite shoes that we saw from each shoemaker.

In alphabetical order they are:

Alfred Sargent, Milton AS53 Last, Black Calf, Fiddleback Soles Crib Edge – MTO

Church’s, Chetwynd 173 Last, White Castoro Suede – MTO

Edward Green, Olney 888 Last, Navy Suede, HAF Soles – MTO

Gaziano and Girling, Kent MH71 Last, Vintage Chestnut/Peanut Brittle Croc, Oak Bark Soles – MTO

Pierre Corthay, Yawl 001 Last, Bleu Calfskin – MTO

Rider Boot Co., Balmoral Boot, Black Calf Wool Tweed – MTO


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