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Alden x Leffot Shortwing Derby, Hunter Green Suede

If you’re looking for something different but understated, try these hunter green shortwings from Alden. Made in suede on a classic pattern, they stand out from the regular browns and tans without looking ostentatious. And they come with brown, tan, and snuff laces so you can change up your look.

Hampton Last, Hunter Green Suede, Single Leather Soles

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John Lobb Philip II Derby and Chapel

The Philip II is a classic, understated captoe made in Pewter Museum calf. Its elegance can be seen in the beveled waist, a feature of all Prestige collection shoes, and in the subtle punching on the cap, which makes the shoe slightly less formal than the City II. They’re versatile and elegant, and perfect for wearing with a suit, but also not out of place with jeans.

The Chapel is a double monkstrap made in dark brown Misty calf. Constructed from a single piece of leather that wraps around the entire shoe, they are distinctly elegant and uniquely John Lobb. They’ll work well in nearly any situation — with jeans all the way to a suit.

Philip II Derby, 7000 Last, Pewter Museum Calfskin, Single Leather Soles
Chapel, 8000 Last, Dark Brown Misty Calfskin, Single Leather Soles

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G&G Regency, Buccleugh

Two new Gaziano & Girling models have arrived for stock. Both are first timers at Leffot and we are pleased to bring them to you.

The Regency monk strap in Polo suede is a sleek and elegant shoe that longs to be worn with grey pants. The tapered DG70 last gives this shoe  a continental flair that will get richer as the suede ages. This is a great shoe for business or casual wear.

The Buccleugh derby is a classic English captoe brogue. This version is on the G&G soft square MH71 last, which lends a contemporary feel. Made in the most versatile of colors Vintage Oak, they pair beautifully with just about anything you can imagine.

Please join us on May 14th when Tony Gaziano will be here of our next Trunk Show.

Regency DG79 Last, Polo Suede, Brass Buckle, Single Leather Soles

Buccleugh MH71 Last, Vintage Oak, Single Leather Soles

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Alfred Sargent Pimlico

Alfred Sargent’s Pimlico is a simple shoe with European flair. Made in a casual, but highly elegant blucher style with a sleek, plain toe, these can be worn with just about anything. Its a shoe that is both versatile and personal.

The two versions allow for a wide range of uses. Brown suede will go with anything but a formal ensemble, pairing very well with the colors of dark denim, but simple enough for a suit. The black calf can to dressed up to a dark and formal suit or down to slacks and khakis.

106 Last, Espresso Suede, Single Leather Soles

106 Last, Black Calfskin, Single Leather Soles

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Edward Green Farringdon

Edward Green’s Farringdon is a simple shoe. Made in a casual, but highly elegant blucher style with a sleek, plain toe, these can be worn with just about anything. Rich Dark Oak calfskin makes these shoes both dynamic and extremely wearable. Its a shoe that is both versatile and personal.

888 Last, Dark Oak Calf, Single Leather Soles

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Gaziano & Girling Woburn

We have received a stock order of the Gaziano & Girling Woburn in Vintage Chestnut. This is a classic wingtip Derby made all the more stylish with inimitable G&G gusto. While the wingtip may be a centuries old style, its received a 21st century update with sleek lines and a sharp toe box.

Vintage Chestnut is striking when worn with grey’s and blues. Pair these with jeans, tropical grey pants, or a blue suit for useful spring and summer looks.

Check availability HERE.

Woburn MH71 Last, Vintage Chestnut, Oak Bark Soles

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Edward Green Dover

If you are to own just one Edward Green model, it should be this one. The Dover is a shoe made for just about any occasion you can think of, unmatched in simplicity, elegance, and understatement.

Its permanent style and impressive longevity are a result of the meticulous process of its creation. Tales of its handsewn apron and reverse split toe are legendary and rightfully so. Each is sewn by expert craftsmen who use pigs bristles rather than metal needles. The preparation of the thread itself is a major undertaking combining several long strands and bonding them with wax then splitting the end of the bristle and lashing the thread to it.

So much of what goes into finely crafted shoes is taken for granted. It’s difficult to appreciate the level of skill, time and artisan-ship it takes to produce a pair if you haven’t seen it first hand. It’s remarkable really that in today’s high tech, automated world there are products which are still made by way of tradition. Something’s are best left unchanged.

This particular Dover tends towards the casual side, utilizing sturdy Walnut Country Calf and hard-wearing Dainite soles. The result is a beautiful, classic shoe fit for everyday, no-nonsense wear.


Dover 606 Last, Walnut Country Calf, Dainite Soles

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Waverly Blue

The Waverly derby is an excellent shoe for a smart casual look. Made in England and available exclusively at Leffot these welted shoes are now in stock in navy suede on brick Dainite soles with natural braided laces.

Sizing – These shoes are UK sized in E width. Size down one whole size from your normal US size. The fit runs true to size.

Waverly, Navy Suede, Brick Dainite Soles

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