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Alden x Leffot City Moc, Navy and Marble Suede

The City Moc is a new makeup for us. Made on the Barrie last with a hand-sewn apron, it’s a great casual shoe for any season. We’ve done them up in navy suede with red micro soles, and marble suede with double leather soles. They’re soft and comfortable, and will look sharp with chinos, shorts, or a pair of jeans.

Barrie Last, Marble Suede, Double Leather Soles

Barrie Last, Navy Suede, Red Micro Soles

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Gaziano & Girling Stock Arran

Gaziano and Girling’s Arran takes and the chukka and gives it a contemporary look without losing any of its classic style. Made in dynamic Brown Hatch Grain Calfskin, these are the a great casual shoe to wear with jeans, but also a wonderful pairing for a cotton, linen, or tweed suit.

Arran TG73 Last, Brown Hatch Grain, Double Leather Soles


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Alden x Leffot Naval Boot

A bit of understated elegance just walked in the door here at Leffot. These Horween Shell Cordovan boots are a versatile addition to your wardrobe that spans from jeans to a navy or grey suit. Their classic, simple design, reminiscent of vintage US Naval boots, makes them a three-season workhorse, made expressly for Leffot.

Black shell cordovan really doesn’t get the love it deserves. It has a lacquered glow that you can only truly appreciate in person, and yet it maintains its shine with little care or maintenance.

The double leather black bottom soles, with a 360-degree flat welt, enhance the boot’s simplicity while adding durability and comfort. Designed with nine black agatine eyelets and black* waxed laces these boots are spit-shined and ready to serve.

Barrie Last, Black Shell Cordovan, Double Leather Soles

*Although the boot lace color appears purple in reality they are true black

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These Gaziano & Girling MTO’s were in and out of the store the very same day. Both pairs for one of our favorite clients, who now owns four G&G’s.

Given that he can have them made in his size, 9C has made him a true convert. I was quite happy to hear him say, “Since I’ve been wearing G&G my feet no longer bother me”. That’s a strong statement and a testament to the fit and support that’s truly unique to Gaziano & Girling shoes.

Not only do they look great, but they “feel” great as well, and that’s exactly what investing in quality footwear is all about.

The Arran on the TG73 Last with Double Leather Soles in Black Calf

The Cambridge on the MH71 Last in Black Calf

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Alden 9901

Nothing says Alden more than Shell Cordovan, they are the largest producer of shell cordovan shoes in the United States if not the world. Our newest addition is the 9901 Plain Toe Blucher in black shell cordovan on double leather Goodyear welted soles.

These shoes are on the Alden Barrie Last, which runs about a full size larger than your American foot size. A great shoe that gets better over time.

Kind of like Police Dress Shoe meets School Uniform Shoe……

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EG MTO Arrivals

We received some beautiful MTO’s from Edward Green yesterday. I am posting them today because I think it’s only fair the client has the first look (actually I have the first look but as your trusted adviser it’s a professional privilege). I’ve posted a few Corthay MTO’s but I believe these are the first Edward Green’s. So without further delay…….

Mr. R has created a unique version of the Newbury. To this whole cut oxford he added the winged toecap of the Southwold. This pair is in Acorn Antique with heavy burnishing, on the 888 last. Mr. R also likes his belts to match so we had one made for him as well.

Mr. C is a true shoe maven not only does he know shoes inside and out he has the vision to see how they’ll look. Take for instance this pair of Dover’s in Maple Antique on the 606 last with double leather soles. It took vision to see it in this color. It is the most beautiful Dover I’ve seen.

Mr. C also loves his monk straps as well as his stitched aprons. These Ashby’s in Burgundy Antique are also on the 606 last and very handsome. This color is perfectly suited to the shoe. I particularly like the heavy burnishing on this pair.

Edward Green MTO’s generally take 14 weeks according to the company. These pairs were ordered during the summer, which means they took longer since the factory is closed most of August. Nonetheless they are always worth the wait.

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