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Alden x Leffot Dover, Cream Nubuck

White bucks are classic summer shoes. We made this pair from Alden in cream nubuck on micro soles that are lightweight and super comfortable. Wear them with shorts or chinos for cool summer steez.

Barrie Last, Cream Nubuck, Red Micro Soles

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Aldens in suede

It’s no secret that we like suede, and when they’re a pair of suede Aldens, we find them hard to resist. We’ve just received some leisure handsewns in tan suede and a restock of the Dover in snuff suede. Both are unlined, which makes the shoes fit like a sock. They’re so comfortable that you’ll forget you’re even wearing shoes. These are the ideal shoes for the approaching summer weather.

Van Last, Unlined Tan Suede, Flex Welt
Barrie Last, Unlined Snuff Suede, Flex Soles

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Alden x Leffot Dover, Color 8 Shell Cordovan

It’s no secret that we love shell cordovan, and since the Dover is one of our favorite shoes, we decided to combine the two to create these unlined color 8 bluchers. They’re on the comfortable flex soles, which give them the added versatility of being slightly dressier than shoes with rubber soles. If you’re a fan of Alden’s classic PT blucher, these Dovers are the logical next step.

Barrie Last, Unlined Color 8 Shell Cordovan, Flex Soles

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Alden Dover

The Alden Dover is made in unlined suede, which makes them cool, comfortable, and lightweight. They’re also extremely flexible, so that from the first moment you put them on, they’ll feel like they’ve already been broken in. The Flex Welt soles are water- and slip-resistant, and unlike rubber soles, have the added benefit of being slightly dressier. Add a coat of Nano Protector, and these shoes can brave any summer shower and still look sharp.

Barrie Last, Unlined Snuff or Tan Suede, Flex Welt Soles

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Alden Dover, Tan Suede

It’s hard to imagine a more perfect shoe for summer than Alden’s unlined suede Dover blucher. Made on the Barrie last in Tan Suede on Flex Welt soles these shoes are as light and soft as any sneaker, they’re also available in Snuff Suede.

With a quick spray of Nano Protector you can even wear these barefoot in the rain with utmost confidence, of course we’re hoping for sunny days ahead.

Barrie Last, Tan Suede, Flex Welt Soles

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Alden Dover - Tan Suede

Alden Dover, Snuff Suede

The Alden Dover blucher is a dream to wear. Made in unlined snuff suede there is no softer, lighter and more flexible welted shoe out there. These are ideal for spring and summer wear.

The shoes feel like slippers from the moment you first slip them on. And unlike rubber sole shoes, the leather Flex Welt soles give them the added versatility of being slightly dressier.

Barrie Last, Unlined Snuff Suede, Flex Welt Soles

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Edward Green MTO

Edward Green is regarded by many to be “The finest shoes in England for the discerning few.” A more classic English shoe would be hard to find.

Having been in business for more than 120 years Edward Green has become discreetly famous for probably the finest welted shoes. Here are a few examples of shoes we have made for our clients.

Harrogate 888 Last, Black Calfskin – MTO

Midford Top Drawer, 82 Last, Dark Oak Antique – MTO

Shannon 202 Last, Burgundy Antique/Mink Suede – MTO

Walpole 888 Last, Bronze Antique – MTO

Dover 606 Last, Loden Suede, Contrast Stitching – MTO

Westminster Top Drawer, 888 Last, Whiskey Crup – MTO

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Edward Green Dover

Once again, we’ve chosen to present one of our favorite Edward Green styles, the Dover. The Dover is Edward Green’s signature shoe, a blucher with a hand-sewn vamp. The hand-sewing process is so delicate that a pig’s bristle must be used to sew rather than a needle.

We’ve made the Dover in Edward Green’s most popular and most useful leather, Dark Oak Antique Calfskin. This shoe is one for the ages: comfortable, useful, and very unique.

606 Last, Dark Oak Antique, HAF Soles

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