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We’ve been meaning to post some gorgeous MTO shoes by Gaziano & Girling for a while. Set your gaze on these babies and image what it’s like to slip a pair on your feet.

Gable, MH71 Last, Vintage Cherry – MTO

Hove, TG73 Last, Vintage Oak – MTO

Carnegie, MH71 Last, Rustic Arran Grain – MTO

Chelsea, MH71 Last, Black Alpine Grain – MTO

Cooper, Deco Last, Vintage Chestnut – MTO

Oxford, GG06 Last, Vintage Rioja – MTO


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Gaziano and Girling Gable

Gaziano and Girling’s Gable is one of their most unique shoes. Its distinct stitching pattern is unmatched. Its simple yet eyecatching design make it an elegant shoe that gives one an air of sophistication and modernity.

Made in rich Polo suede for summer, the Gable pairs well with a number weekday outfits from odd jackets to suits. It is a wholecut shoe, so despite its intricate design, it has the comfort of a shoe made from a single piece of leather.

Check Availability HERE

MH71 Last, Polo Suede, Single Leather Soles

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Gaziano & Girling MTO’s

In advance of our trunk show October 12th we received a delivery of Gaziano & Girling made to order shoes. It’s easy to see why these shoes are so desirable they’re simply sexy as all hell.

Stop by and have a look for yourself if you’re in the City we guarantee you’ll like what you see.

Cooper Deco Last, Vintage Oak, Deco Soles – MTO

Burnham TG73 Last, Espresso Calf, Oak Bark Soles – MTO

Gable (modified) MH71 Last, Black Calf, Oak Bark Soles – MTO

Kent MH71 Last, Vintage Chestnut/Peanut Brittle Croc, Oak Bark Soles – MTO

Holden Deco Last, Black Calf, Deco Soles – MTO

St. Ives KN14 Last, Polo Suede, Oak Bark Soles – MTO

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