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Gaziano & Girling Mayfair and Omega Seamaster

Little needs to be said about the elegance of both the Gaziano & Girling Mayfair and the Omega Seamaster. The Mayfair is a classic double monk strap shoe in Vintage Oak Calfskin. On the soft square MH71 last, it’s both versatile and elegant, and can be paired with anything from jeans all the way to a suit. The Seamaster is circa 1950s and in excellent condition, with a beautiful patina on the dial. Watches that look this good come few and far between.

Gaziano & Girling Mayfair, MH71 Last, Vintage Oak Calfskin, Oak Bark Soles

Omega Seamaster Chronograph

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Edward Green Westminster, Mocca Gator MTO

The Edward Green Westminster is one of our favorite shoes, and it couldn’t look better than it does here as an MTO in American alligator. The matte skin is understated and elegant, which might sound like a funny thing to say about Gator, but in this case it couldn’t be more true. These are shoes for the discerning few, and we present them here for your viewing pleasure.

Westminster, Mocca Alligator Matte, Double Leather Soles

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Abbeyhorn Letter Openers

The sgian-dubh is part of traditional Scottish Highland dress. It is typically worn in the top of right sock, and was originally used to cut small fruits and vegetables, and also for self-defense. Today, though, its function is primarily ceremonial. These sgian-subhs are made by Abbeyhorn with the same material used in their shoehorns. We use ours as letter openers.

Abbeyhorn Letter Openers

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Alden x Leffot City Moc, Navy and Marble Suede

The City Moc is a new makeup for us. Made on the Barrie last with a hand-sewn apron, it’s a great casual shoe for any season. We’ve done them up in navy suede with red micro soles, and marble suede with double leather soles. They’re soft and comfortable, and will look sharp with chinos, shorts, or a pair of jeans.

Barrie Last, Marble Suede, Double Leather Soles

Barrie Last, Navy Suede, Red Micro Soles

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Alden x Leffot Navy Suede Tassel Loafers

From the lush navy suede to the tan contrast stitching on the vamp and heel counter, to the beautifully contrasting antiqued edge trim, these loafers are full of rich colors. The combination of vevety soft navy suede and flex welt soles makes for a shoe that’s easy to wear and sure to turn heads. These have quite a unique and casually elegant style that makes it easy to wear them sockless and with shorts, or with a pair of slacks and a sportcoat.

Aberdeen Last, Navy Suede, Flex Soles

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Pantherella Socks

If you wear great shoes, you owe it to yourself to wear great socks. We recently added some new merino socks from Pantherella to our stock. They’ll spice up an outfit without drawing unnecessary attention away from the man wearing them.

All Pantherella socks are made in England and hand-linked at the toe for maximum comfort. They have a satiny finish and a silky hand. You have to feel them to truly understand how luxurious they are. We offer models in both merino wool and cotton, so you’re covered year-round.

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Solid Merino Mid-Calf