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Alden x Leffot pre-orders

Two Alden loafers are now available to pre-order. Both are made in unlined chromexcel on flex soles. Stock sizes in these shoes are available to purchase online. We’re also accepting requests for non-stock sizes by email at

Alden x Leffot Penny Loafer, Van Last, Natural CXL, Flex Soles
Alden x Leffot Penny Loafer, Van Last, Navy CXL, Flex Soles

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Alden x Leffot Penny Loafers

Edward Green Newbury, Dark Oak

The beauty of a wholecut shoe is its clean smooth silhouette and unbroken lines. The Newbury is made from a single piece of leather that wraps around the feet like a baby’s swaddling blanket. As a result, the fit is so comfortable you may never want to wear another style of shoe.

This pair is made on Edward Green’s new 890 last. Based on the 888 last, it has a chiseled toe box that’s been slightly extended for a modern look.

890 Last, Dark Oak Calfskin, Single Leather Soles

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Edward Green Newbury, Dark Oak

Riccardo Bestetti Trunk Show, June 18 and 19

Last October we hosted Riccardo Bestetti for his first US trunk show. We’re excited to bring him back again for another show on June 18 and 19. Riccardo will be here to take orders for bespoke and made-to-order shoes.

In addition to regular MTOs, Bestetti also offers the Novecento line, which is made to bespoke standards. An existing last is adjusted to fit your foot, and small changes to the shoe’s shape are also possible. Both the Novecento line and standard MTOs are hand welted with a wood-pegged waist, and are made of the highest quality raw materials.

We’ll have a full size run of try-on shoes to assist in determining your size, so if you’ve never worn Bestettis, you’ll be able to get a sense of the shoes’ fit and feel.

We’re excited to bring Riccardo and his fine shoes to New York, and we hope you’ll join us for two special days.

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