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Saint Crispin’s 508HA & 315

Headquartered in Vienna, Saint Crispin’s does not follow the Viennese tradition exclusively but produces a style which is appreciated all over the world.

All shoes are handmade by a small team of artisans — craftsmen and women — who have been highly trained within the company. Some key employees have been employed for nearly 20 years. This continuity reinforces the extremely high level of quality and consistency found in their shoes.

The 315 is a classic captoe oxford model in medium brown calfskin. It’s the kind of shoe that’s easy to wear because it’s so easy on the eyes. If you’re in need of an everyday workhorse, look no further.

The split toe is a classic shoe that’s highly versatile, as it looks organic with suits as well as denim. Saint Crispin’s model 508HA is no exception. We’ve made it on the chiseled last in light brown calfskin, which makes it stand out from your typical dark brown dress shoes. Plus, the handsewing along the vamp and toe make this pair particularly special.

315 Classic Last, SOF 603, Wood Pegged Waist
508HA Chiseled Last, CRU 602, Wood Pegged Waist

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Saint Crispin's 315

Saint Crispin’s trunk show, April 21 and 22

You are cordially invited to join us for a trunk show with Saint Crispin’s on April 21 and 22 from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm. Mr. Phillip Car, Managing Director of Saint Crispin’s, will be here to present the collection.

Founded in 1992, Saint Crispin’s is recognized as a leader in design and craftsmanship of fine European footwear. As such, they work only with very fine selected partners around the world.

Headquartered in Austria and made in Romania, all Saint Crispin’s shoes are handcrafted by a small team of artisans, craftsmen and women. Their shoes are quite possibly as close to a bespoke fit as you will find in a ready to wear shoe. And while that may sound like a big statement, in our opinion these shoes are top flight all the way.

The attention to detail is evident in all aspects of the shoes, not least of which is the fit. Saint Crispin’s designs their shoes with human engineering in mind. The heels are canted, which is the outside of the heel is slightly lower than the inside, as is the top line under the ankles, thus cradling the natural resting position of your foot.

The same attention to design goes into the styling of the shoes as well. Saint Crispin’s shoes are some of the most unique shoes produced, full of individualism and character.

The company’s business model is based on custom shoe orders, as such you will be offered a wide variety of models, leathers and fits including individualized lasts. Your shoes will be delivered to you in approximately 8-10 weeks.

We encourage you to take advantage of this special opportunity to meet Phillip Car and check out his extraordinary collection of shoes.

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Saint Crispin's trunk show, April 21 and 22

Fall 2015 Trunk Show Schedule

We organize trunk shows with our vendors twice a year. This is a fantastic opportunity to meet the artisans or their representatives who are extremely knowledgeable about their products. It is also an excellent chance to see first hand many sample styles for custom orders. We invite you to join us for the following events.

Upcoming Events
October 2 and 3 – Hiro Yanagimachi
October 8 – Photographs with Charles Masters
October 14 and 15 – Optimo Hats with Graham Thompson
October 22 and 23 – Edward Green
November 6 and 7 – Thomas Riemer

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