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Corthay Arca, Burgundy Suede

This is the quintessential Corthay shoe: simple, sleek, and painstakingly detailed. The Arca is surprisingly versatile while remaining highly distinctive. Pair with with anything from a casual look to a suit and you will look sharper than ever.

Pullman Last, Burgundy Suede, Single Leather Soles

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How to clean suede

Suede isn’t as delicate as you may have heard. In fact it’s quite resilient and easy to clean. We recommend Saphir’s Omni’nettoyant, which works like a shampoo for suede, working into a lather and cleaning deep into the nap. It’s strong enough to clean thoroughly but gentle enough not to damage the leather. It’s important to care for your shoes, and suede is no exception.

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Edward Green Canterbury, Coffee Suede

The curved lines of an Adelaide give it an elegance beyond your average dress shoe. Edward Green’s Canterbury is one such model. Here we’ve tweaked it to our liking by removing the medallion and heel counter. Made in Coffee suede with single leather soles, it’s the ideal dress shoe to wear from spring through fall.

82 Last, Coffee, Single Leather Soles

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