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Alden x Leffot Saddle Shoe

At the height of their popularity during the fifties and sixties, Saddle Shoes were a staple of preppy Ivy Leaguers. The preppy doctrine Take Ivy includes an Ivy Wardrobe Directory, which lists the following shoes. These preppy pairs are made for us on the Barrie last with oil-soaked flex soles. They’re light as a feather and look great with jeans and khakis, as well as gray or navy slacks.

Barrie Last, Tan Suede and Navy CXL, Flex Soles

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Alden x Leffot Monkstrap, Navy Suede

Made in lush navy suede, this single monkstrap is perfect for wearing with jeans or khakis. Its light edge and silver buckle make for a sharp but casual contrasted look. If you don’t have a pair of navy suede shoes, these may be the place to start.

Plaza Last, Navy Suede, Flex Soles

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Quoddy Tukabuk, Navy or Toast Suede

The Tukabuk is a suede moc from Quoddy. Made on comfortable crepe soles, it’s a casual option for your spring and summer weekends. This is a great shoe that’s perfect for bare feet and exploring the outdoors. Wear them with chinos or light-colored jeans.

Tukabuk, Navy or Toast Suede, Crepe Soles

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Alden x Leffot Loafer, Navy Suede

Our new Alden x Leffot loafers are made on the Plaza last in navy suede. The combination of an unlined forefoot and flex soles makes for a shoe that’s easy to wear and sure to turn heads. These have quite a unique and casually elegant style that makes it easy to wear them sockless and with shorts, or with a pair of slacks and a sportcoat. Get ready, spring.

Plaza Last, Navy Suede, Flex Soles

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John Lobb Riviera

The name John Lobb stands for elegance, quality, luxury, and classic English style. With nearly 150 years of shoemaking history, John Lobb incorporates the finest materials with craftspersons using decades-old techniques to produce what are arguably some of the finest ready-to-wear shoes available today.

The Riviera travel shoes are so lightweight and comfortable that you might forget you’re wearing them. Since they’re suede, they’re extremely soft and will form to the shape of your foot. Put them on, kick back, and enjoy your flight in style.

Midnight or Tobacco Suede, Cemented Rubber Soles

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Rider Madrid, Chocolate Suede

The chukka boot is a traditional shoe that also has a decidedly modern look. This pair by Rider Boot Co. is no exception. Made in chocolate suede on single leather soles, they’re comfortable and appropriate for nearly any season. Treat with some Nano Protector and you’ll look sharp in all weather.

Madrid, Chocolate Suede, Single Leather Soles

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Edward Green Chelsea, Mink Suede

There are some men who say there isn’t anything that doesn’t look great with a pair of brown suede shoes. We wouldn’t couldn’t agree more. Mink suede is lush in texture and vibrant in color, but subtle enough to pair with just about any hue.

On the Chelsea model, a classic, equally versatile cap toe balmoral, this shoe is just about as good as it gets when it comes to wearability and comfort. Made with the masterful craftsmanship of Edward Green, these will compliment your clothing for years to come.

82 Last, Mink Suede, Single Leather Soles

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