Atelier Pierre Corthay

The workshop of master shoemaker Pierre Corthay is a small and intimate salon. Here craftsman work quietly and intensely turning bits of leather into a works of art. Every man in his space, every shoe in its place, every movement choreographed not a material wasted.

To truly appreciate what makes a shoe remarkable you need to understand what goes into its creation.To beget something of beauty today by means of your hands and simple tools is rare; but to do it at such a high level is extraordinary. It was an honor and a pleasure to watch these men work, like watching a graceful dance full of passion and skill, the only thing missing was the music.

Pierre Corthay In His Atelier, 1 rue Volney, Paris

Shoes Await Coloring

Stéphane Applying Glacé Finish

10,000 Tiny Circles

The Craftsman’s Tools

Intense Concentration and Exacting Attention To Detail

Christophe Corthay (Right)

Finishing The Soles