Borsalino Fall Caps

Cool autumn weather begets a smart wool cap to complete an outfit. Borsalino has you covered with these new fall/winter styles.

The Newsboy eight-panel cap is a classic that goes back to the day when no man would be out without a hat. Worn casually or dressed up this cap works well with tweeds, flannel and corduroy.

The trim shape of the Duckbill cap is a smart stylish look that can be worn with denim, khakis, or suits it is one of our favorites and most versatile caps.

Newsboy, Blue Check, 100% Wool

Duckbill, Brown Herringbone, 100% Cashmere

Duckbill, Grey Herringbone, 100% Cashmere

Duckbill, Olive Herringbone, 100% Cashmere