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Natural Elston Re-Issue

Our Horween x Leffot Elston belt is now available in Natural Chromexcel the prefect mate to your Natural Quoddy’s & Alden LWB or Indy boots. For that matter it’s just an excellent neutral color belt to wear with anything.

Horween Chromexcel is the original pull-up leather made with old world craftsmanship; it carries on a long history of superior comfort and durability.

Belts are measured in the following way.

Click HERE for price and size availability

Elston, Natural Chromexcel 35 mm Wide, Brass Roller Buckle


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The “Fold”

Our Fold bill holders make a great holiday gift, these svelte sheaths are about as low tech as you can get, just a single piece of Horween shell cordovan, three folds, and voila your cash is snugly secured in horse ass leather for safekeeping. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Small – 2.5″ x 2.75″ folded, fits U.S. Dollars and no credit cards.

Large – 2.5″ x 3.5″ folded, fits all international currencies plus a credit card or two.

Shop Online HERE

Natural – Horween Shell Cordovan

Rust – Horween Shell Cordovan

Black – Horween Shell Cordovan

 Oxblood – Horween Shell Cordovan

* Colors shown appear lighter under photographic lighting; shell cordovan colors vary from piece to piece. Pictures shown are for general color representation.

The Fold is sold exclusively by Leffot.

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Borsalino Caps

Now that autumn is settling in we thought it a good time to proffer some new Borsalino caps. In the same way shoes compliment a wardrobe from the feet up a fine cap compliments it from the head down.

At the end of he day the it’s the attention to details that separate the men from the boys. That’s not to say it takes a great effort, donning a cap can be all it takes.

Founded in 1887 by Alessandro Giuseppe Borsalino the company has been at the forefront of Italian hat design and manufacturing for more than 100 years.

Duckbill Blue/Brown Check, 50% Wool 50% Cotton

Duckbill Dark Olive Herringbone,  100% Cashmere

Duckbill Grey Herringbone,  100% Cashmere

Duckbill Brown Herringbone,  100% Cashmere

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Borsalino Small Brims

These small brim hats are very light and flexible, which means they’re comfortable and cool. They’re 90% paper fiber and 10% hemp, which is also cool. Small brims can be worn up or down but in our opinion up is the only way to fly.

Milano Straw Hat, Creme

Milano Straw Hat, Bleu

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Basil Racuk Trunk Show

You are cordially invited to join us Saturday April 16th from 12pm–6pm when Basil Racuk presents his collection of handmade bags and accessories inspired by the majesty of Northern California.

Simple, soulful and unique, leather goods that are exquisitely crafted, and created from the finest skins and rare vintage linings in Racuk’s Northern California workshop.

Each style is an original: one of a kind, from the first cut to the last stitch. And for those who have something special in mind custom orders are welcome.

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New Horween x Leffot Elston Belt

 What is a belt? Is it merely a device to hold your pants up, we think not after all you could wear suspenders for that. Done well in quality leather it’s that detail of clothing like quality shoes, which enhance your outfit. And at the end of the day doesn’t it all come down to the details? We mixed it up a bit with these new Horween x Leffot Elston belts.

The first is Double Shoulders Wooly Chromexcel in Black 9/10 oz. weight with Scotch grain print and Nickel roller buckle. Wooly Chromexcel is hardy leather made to wear for years and the Scotch grain print ads texture and shows less wear. This is the ideal belt to wear with the Rider Boot Co. Black Grain Chukka

Black Grain Wooly Chromexcel, Nickel Roller Buckle, 40 mm Width

Belts are measured in the following way.

The second is Illini Latigo in Burgundy 7/8 oz weight with antiqued brass roller buckle. Latigo leather is full grain, fat liquored, mill dyed, pasted, hand glazed and aniline finished. That’s a lot of processes and the result is a beautiful smooth strap in a deep *pull up burgundy. This belt is an excellent less formal alternative to a shell cordovan belt and looks great with color 8 cordovan shoes or boots.

Burgundy Illini Latigo, Antiqued Brass Roller Buckle, 35 mm Width


*Pull-up – A temporary lightening in color achieved by bending leather. This is caused by the temporary displacement of oils, greases, and/or waxes. – Horween Leather.

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