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La Cordonnerie Anglaise Shoe Shine Kits

The holiday season will soon be upon us, and you may find yourself in need of gift ideas. These shoe care kits from La Cordonnerie Anglaise are just the ticket. As they age they’ll take on a character of their own, and are something to pass among generations.

Polishing your shoes is an important part of taking care of them, and there isn’t a better or more luxurious way to store your waxes, creams, and brushes than in boxes and travel pouches from La Cordonnerie Anglaise. They make what are simply the finest shoe shine kits available. Each comes with a selection of creams and horsehair brushes for you to get started.

La Cordonnerie Anglaise Shoe Shine Kits

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Groom Box

Blue Shoes

If you’re looking to take a step beyond classic brown and black calfskin shoes, consider trying something in blue. It’s a surprisingly versatile color that works well with chinos, odd trousers, or white jeans in the summer. And if it’s winter, they pair nicely with medium or charcoal trousers or winter whites. So listen here: you need not be timid when it comes to wearing blue shoes. Just don’t let anyone step on them.

Leffot Barrow
Alden x Leffot Longwing
La Cordonnerie Anglaise Luxor
Saint Crispin’s 506
Church’s Kaber
Leffot Waverly
Edward Green Sandown

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La Cordonnerie Anglaise Luxor Suede Loafers

Once in a while you need a shoe that doesn’t take itself too seriously. These tassel loafers from La Cordonnerie Anglaise are just the ticket, as they exhibit a casual European flair that’s elegant and playful. Whether you’re sipping cappuccino in a cafe or lounging at home, the Luxor loafers are perfect for casual everyday wear. They’re Blake stitched and come on a comfortable leather sole.

Red, Navy, or Puma Suede, Single Leather Soles

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