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Category: Shoe Care

Saphir Medaille D’or

We’ve recently received new stock of our popular Saphir shoe care products. Saphir Medaille D’or products are quite simply the finest system of shoe care products available today. This exclusive line has its origins in formulations that have earned Saphir the award of the GOLD MEDAL, PARIS 1925.

To view the full selection of Saphir products, visit out Online Store HERE.

Saphir Rénovateur is possibly the most valuable shoe care product you can buy. It cleans, conditions, and shines all at once. It works on a variety of leathers, from shell cordovan, to rugged Chromexcel, to fine calfskin. Use it before shining or just as a rejuvenating application. This and an occasional application of wax polish is all the cordovan leather really needs to be maintained.

Saphir Wax products bring unmatched shine to your calfskin shoes. Composed of turpentine, vegetable waxes, animal and mineral fossils, its formula is unchanged and has not suffered the technical progress of chemistry such as the addition of silicones and resins.

Saphir Crème is an all-natural product meant for adding color and shine to shoes. Use it when correcting scuffs or darkening the color of your shoes. Use in conjunction with Rénovateur and Wax for the full Saphir shoe care system.

A large brush is an essential tool for shoe care. Use it for buffing shoes after polish application. Saphir’s large brush is made from 100% horse hair, densely packed into its wide brushing area for an easier, faster, and better looking shine. Look for Saphir’s Dauber and Jar Brush for the application of polish and use in hard to access areas of the shoe, such as the welt and tongue.

A shoe care box is a nice finishing touch to your collection of shoe care products. These boxes only get better with age and as you use this over the years to care for your shoes, they will develop a character of their own.

Saphir Shoe Care Products

Leffot is a U.S. stockist of the ever popular Saphir shoe care products. Saphir MDO (Medaille d’or 1925) is produced in France and is one of the finest shoe polishes available. We stock 100 ml wax tins, 75 ml creme jars, and 75 ml rénovateur arguably the finest leather cleaner and conditioner on the planet. We also stock horsehair brushes and baby soft cotton chamois to buff and shine your most precious shoes.

This exclusive line has its origins in formulations that have earned Saphir the award of the GOLD MEDAL, PARIS 1925. Composed of turpentine, vegetable waxes, animal and mineral fossils, its formula is unchanged and has not suffered the technical progress of chemistry such as the addition of silicones and resins.

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Rénovateur 75 ml Jar

Wax 100 ml Tin

Créme 75 ml Jar


Horse Hair Brush Large 8 x 2.5

Cotton Chamois  20.5 x 12

Large Spatula 6.5 x 1.5

Jar Brush 3.5 x 1.5

Dauber 3.5 x 1.5

Boot Dressing

Originally posted 1/3/10

Now that winter seems to be settling in on most parts of the country we thought it might be a good time to re-post this video.

So many have asked us how to treat and protect their boots for winter that we’ve decided to put together a short video. Caring for your boots is not very difficult and if you take a little time to work on them it’ll go a long way to help protecting them.

The frequency of dressing your boots depends on the weather. You can’t over do it but you don’t have to go gonzo either. If it’s very wet do it more say once a week, if it’s not then once a month should be fine. If you live in a cold area the dry heat in your home will require you to dress them more often. There’s no definitive schedule but you’ll begin to know when just by looking at the condition of your boots.

Abbeyhorn Shoehorns

Abbeyhorn hand carved shoehorns are carved from Oxen horn. Each horn is uniquely different due to its color and texture. The process requires considerable skill of the horn worker from the first cut of the horn to ensure that the resultant shoehorn becomes a much-cherished item. Therefore the carver must work with the horn while carving to bring out the special quality of each, and no two are exactly alike.

The Stag shoehorn features a handle made of stag antler for a solid grip. The dauber brushes are carved from bone and come in two color bristles. They’re excellent for applying polish to those hard to reach areas. And lastly this handsome brush with inlaid horn is ideal for shining shoes or for use as a clothes brush.

You wear quality shoes why shouldn’t you have quality accessories to go along with them?

Long Horn – 18 inches

Stag Handle – 16 inches

Medium Horn – 12 inches

Small Horn – 7.5 inches

Daubers & Brush 6.5 inches

*No animals are ever killed solely for the horn; they are a by-product of the meat industry.

Polishing Cordovan

Polishing your own shoes is a very gratifying experience. It need not be overly complicated and it should not cause you stress, relax and enjoy. Your shoes will mean more to you than ever if you have a little sweat equity invested. Remember how proud you felt after you washed and waxed your car in high school? Polishing your shoes is no different.

This tutorial is a “basic overview” of how to clean and polish your cordovan shoes; we hope you find it helpful. Like everything else there are many variations and everyone has their own personal preferences. It’s kind like asking how you like your steak cooked to each his own. The point is start with the basics; keep working at it and in time you’ll begin to develop your own technique.

Cordovan and Why We Love It

There are many reasons Genuine Horween shell cordovan is so desirable, i.e comfort, appearance, and durability but today we’re talking about maintenance.

A client of ours recently came in wearing a pair of Leffot Ivy loafers in navy shell cordovan. The shoes were well worn and when we asked him about the condition he told us he had worn them to hike along a volcanic trail in Hawaii. An interesting choice of footwear we initially thought but as these shoes are so incredibly comfortable we thought why not?

The shoes were covered in dirt and ash and were very dull with salt stains. We asked him to remove the shoes so we could clean them.

First we wiped them down with a slightly damp cloth, next we used Saphir Renovateur with a clean cloth to remove grime and condition the leather. We wiped down again with a clean cloth and buffed with a large horsehair brush and voila!! The whole process took less than five minutes.

Maintaining your shoes is not complicated or difficult just use common sense and quality products such as Saphir. Shell cordovan is one of the easiest leathers to maintain because it cleans up well and produces a beautiful luster in no time.

Leffot Ivy Loafer Navy Shell Cordovan Before


Leffot Ivy Loafer Navy Shell Cordovan Afer