Fall 2014 Trunk Show Schedule

We organizes trunk shows with our vendors twice a year. This is a fantastic opportunity to meet the artisans or their representatives who are extremely knowledgeable about their products. It is also an excellent chance to see first hand many sample styles for custom orders. We invite you to join us for the following events.

September 26 and 27 – Duret Paris with Mikael Benarroch

October 2 and 3 – Stefano Bemer with Tommaso Milani
October 9 and 10 – Corthay with Pierre Corthay
October 16 and 17 – Riccardo Bestetti with Riccardo Bestetti
October 24 – Gaziano & Girling with Dean Girling
October 29 and 30 – Edward Green with Christopher Gumbs

November 3 and 4 – Saint Crispin’s with Phillip Car
November 7 and 8 – William Abraham and A Shine & Co.
November 14 and 15 – Thomas Riemer with Thomas Riemer
November 21 and 22 – Quoddy with Jonathan Bergman

December 5 – John Lobb with Paul Goring