Holiday Giveaway with Optimo, Frank Clegg, Hanger Project, and Permanent Style

In celebration of the holidays, we've partnered with Optimo, Frank Clegg, the Hanger Project, and Permanent Style to offer a giveaway like no other.

Prizes include a $1000 Leffot gift card, a classic Optimo hat, $1000 Frank Clegg gift card, $800 Hanger Project gift card, and three autographed books from Simon Crompton.

The contest runs until Sunday, December 9. To enter, use the form below.

Edward Green Galways in Utah

The Galway is a most classic English country boot, yet quite urbane by today’s standards. Combining supple Utah calfskin, Dainite soles, and a smart tapered round toe, these shoes glide easily between dress and casual occasions.

Wear them with a suit when the morning weather is sub-par, or on a snowy Saturday stroll. Boots don’t have to be rugged to get the job done, but they do need to be well made, and Edward Green makes them as good as they get.

Features: 82 Last, Dark Brown or Navy Utah, Dainite Soles

Alden x Leffot Saddle Shoe

These preppy pairs are made for us on the Barrie last in Color 8 Shell Cordovan with with a Brown Alpine Grain saddle, brass eyelets and oil-soaked flex soles. They’re light as a feather and look great with jeans and khakis, as well as gray or navy slacks.

At the height of their popularity during the fifties and sixties Saddle Shoes were a staple of preppy Ivy Leaguers’. The preppy doctrine Take Ivy includes an Ivy Wardrobe Directory, which lists the following shoes.

Features: Barrie Last, Color 8 Shell Cordovan/Brown Alpine Grain, Flex Welt Sole

Wolverine 1000 Mile Boot, Camo Suede

This is it — the classic 1000 Mile Boot. The Wolverine 1000 Mile shoe was created in a time when men were looking for authentic craftsmanship and footwear that would last. Advertised as comfortable enough to “give you 1,000 miles of wear,” the shoe became a wardrobe staple for men of the 20th century.

Based on Wolverine’s archival pattern, the 1000 Mile Boot is designed to meticulously replicate the original. Made in camo suede with single leather soles, they’re a modern take on a classic. Best of all, they’re made in America, just like the original.

These boots drop ship from Wolverine.

Features: Camo Suede, Single Leather Soles

Alden x Leffot New Arrivals

In conjunction with our Alden trunk show yesterday in Chicago, we previewed several new models that will be available for pre-order tomorrow, November 18. However we also have two models in stock for purchase now. Shop online or in our Chicago store.

Alden x Leffot Dearborn Boot

We named these boots after Chicago’s Dearborn Street, where the Monadnock Building and our Chicago store are found. They’re made on the Plaza last in tobacco chamois with commando soles, the perfect winter combination if there ever was one. Wear them with nearly anything for a sharp, smart look.

Features: Plaza Last, Tobacco Chamois, Commando Soles

Alden x Leffot Longwing

Made with a textured black calfskin and durable, comfortably soft crepe soles, this Alden longwing is a shoe that perfectly straddles the line between casual and dressed up. Wear it with jeans, khakis, or any number of dress slacks.

Longwings have been around for years because they’re classic and versatile. They are time tested and proven and belong in every wardrobe. Fashion goes in and out of style but classic is forever.

Features: Barrie Last, Black Alpine Graine Calfskin, Plantation Crepe Soles

Edward Green Banbury

The Banbury is a classic three-eyelet chukka by Edward Green. Worn with anything from a flannel suit to jeans, they’re an easy, understated way to stay comfortable. Pair with navy, grey, or khaki for a crisp, elegant look.

Features: 202 Last, Snuff Suede, Rubber Soles

Edward Green Galways

The Galway is a most classic English country boot, and this version is perfect for winter wear. Made in either mocca or navy suede with rugged Ridgeway soles, they’ll help you make it through even the worst elements without breaking your stride. A rugged boot needs to be well-made, and Edward Green makes them as good as they get.

Features: 202 Last, Mocca or Navy Suede, Ridgeway Soles

Alden x Leffot PT Boot

Our PT boot is a combination of a number of our favorite Alden things: shell cordovan, the Barrie last, commando soles, brass eyelets, and a plain toe. All told, these boots are extremely comfortable and stylish. They’re a super wearable boot and go with just about anything from jeans to a sport coat.

Because they’re made with Horween shell cordovan and lugged commando soles, they are as much at home on a hike as they are out to dinner. And did we mention they’re an instant classic?

Alden x Leffot Dearborn Boot

To commemorate our first anniversary in Chicago, we’ve made this boot in color 8 shell cordovan and dark brown Regina calf. They’re named after Dearborn Street, where our home in the Monadnock building is located.

As part of our anniversary celebration, a pair of shoe trees is included with each pair of boots.

Features: Hampton Last, Color 8 Shell Cordovan and Dark Brown Regina, Single Flex Welt Soles

Saint Crispin’s Trunk Shows in Chicago and New York


October 20 – 21
10 am – 6 pm

New York

October 25 – 26
11 am – 7 pm

We will host trunk shows with Saint Crispin's at our Chicago and New York locations. Headquartered in Austria and made in Romania, all Saint Crispin’s shoes are handcrafted by a small team of artisans. Their shoes are quite possibly as close to a bespoke fit as you will find in a ready to wear shoe. While that may sound like a big statement, in our opinion these shoes are top flight all the way.

The attention to detail is evident in all aspects of the shoes, not least of which is the fit. Saint Crispin’s designs their shoes with human engineering in mind. The heels are canted, which means the outside of the heel is slightly lower than the inside, as is the top line under the ankles, thus cradling your foot’s natural resting position.

The company’s business model is based on custom shoe orders, as such you will be offered a wide variety of models, leathers, and fits including individualized lasts. Your shoes will be delivered to you in approximately 12 weeks.

Appointments suggested.

This Week: Nackymade Trunk Show


October 3 – 4
10 am – 6 pm

Join us as we host Naoki Nakagawa, also known as Nacky, for a trunk show in Chicago. Nacky makes some of the finest eyewear available. He’ll bring with him samples for sale, and will also take orders for MTO and bespoke.

Nacky began working in the eyewear world as a salesman. When he couldn’t find glasses he would wear himself, he decided to learn to make his own. He trained in Fukui, the home of eyeglasses in Japan. In 2004, after 8 years building a base of knowledge in manufacturing, designing, and retail, Nackymade was born.

Nackymade is all about glasses that fit well, are designed creatively, and crafted with love and care. Nacky respects the traditional way of making spectacles, and uses the best materials, such as Japanese plastic acetate and European antiques. He always tries to create something new and interesting, going so far as developing his own materials.

Appointments suggested.

Next week: Edward Green in Chicago and New York


October 2 – 3
10 am – 6 pm

New York

October 4 – 5
11 am – 7 pm

Edward Green is regarded by many to make “the finest shoes in all of England for the discerning few.” A more classic English shoe would be hard to find. Having been in business for more than 120 years, Edward Green has become discreetly famous for the finest welted shoes.

Our EG shows are tremendously popular. We present the largest selection of samples assembled at any Edward Green show in North America. You will have your choice of models, lasts, leathers, colors, and soles for your made to order pair.

Appointments suggested.

Leffot Pre-owned: Monkstraps

Monkstraps come in all shapes and sizes. This week we’re featuring a selection from Edward Green, Alfred Sargent, John Lobb, and Corthay.

Edward Green Westminster – UK9.5/US10F.

Back in stock: Kreis Bleecker Belt

We’ve just restocked our popular shell cordovan Bleecker Belt in black, color 8, bourbon, and mocca. Kreis makes these belts of genuine Horween shell corodvan, so they’re the perfect match to your longwings or plain to bluchers. They’ve crafted leather goods in Germany since 1963. There aren’t many shell belts around these days, and Kreis makes them as good as they get.

Features: Shell Cordovan, 35mm Wide, Brushed Nickel Buckle

Back in stock: The L Wallet

We’ve partnered with Kreis to make the L wallet in genuine Horween shell cordovan. It’s the natural evolution of the Fold — minimal, classic, 100% shell. With three slots for card or cash, it’s all you need to keep things organized.

The L is available in color 8, bourbon, and black. It can be made-to-order in color 4, mocca, cognac, green, and navy. Contact us if you’d like to make an L to order.

Edward Green MTOs

A fresh batch of made-to-order shoes from Edward Green has arrived, and they’re as sharp as ever. Our fall trunk shows with EG are scheduled for October 2 and 3 in Chicago, and October 4 and 5 in New York. Schedule an appointment or drop in at your convenience.

Leffot Pre-owned: A Cut of Cordovan

A selection of rare shell cordovan colors are now available as part of our Pre-owned program, in limited sizes.

Shell cordovan is ideal for making beautiful, enduring footwear, and our friends at Alden of New England have perfected its use. One of the ways they’ve done this is by using shells tanned only by Horween Leather Company in Chicago, Illinois. Add to that a group of rare colors and you have a very special combination.

Alden x Leffot JC Indy – US 9D.

Further reductions

Further reductions on sale items!

We’ve marked down most sale items 50% off. Now is the perfect time to pick up a pair of Edward Green loafers or Wolverine x Leffot 1000 Mile Boots. Shop online on in our stores.

Properly box your shoes

We originally posted this back in 2011 and thought you might find it helpful.

Keeping your shoes stored properly not only saves space but also ensures your shoes will stay looking their best. There’s a very simple technique to keeping your shoes boxed properly, which we’ll demonstrate here. It might sound ridiculous but people get this wrong all the time.

For this demonstration we chose a pair of Edward Green Claverton’s in Dark Oak. Not all manufacturers use the same materials inside the box but the same steps apply for any pair. Edward Green happens to package their shoes very nicely. They use excellent packing materials and make a very good solid box.

The key is to lay the shoes in opposite directions, the first shoe with the arch facing down and the second facing up; that’s the way the boxes are designed to fit the shoes.

Lay open the covering.

Left shoe with arch facing down.

Cover the shoe.

Add protective padding if applicable.

Lay right shoe in the opposite direction with arch up.

Cover again.

Lay Dust Bags on top.

Edward Green care guide on top of that.

And close the lid.

Of course not all shoes have cloth coverings and padding, but almost all shoes have paper to layer between the shoes. Shoe trees can be kept in the shoes, as well, and if you don’t have cloth or paper to lay between the shoes, keep them in the dust bags but lay them in the box the same way. It’s that simple.

Deer Bone Restock

We’ve just restocked our ever popular deer bones for polishing cordovan. The oils inside this deer bone, when rubbed into shell cordovan leather, will restore uniformity to the color and smooth over scratches. It can even remove some small creases and welts. This is the secret weapon for polishing shell cordovan shoes.