Back in stock: The L wallet

We’ve partnered with Kreis to make the L wallet in genuine Horween shell cordovan. It’s the natural evolution of the Fold — minimal, classic, 100% shell. With three slots for card or cash, it’s all you need to keep things organized.

The L is available in color 8, bourbon, and black. It can be made-to-order in color 4, mocca, cognac, green, and navy. Contact us if you’d like to make an L to order.

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Edward Green MTOs

Edward Green Newmarket in suede.Edward Green Newmarket in mole suede
Edward Green Canterbury in Edwardian calfskin.Edward Green Canterbury in edwardian calfskin
Left: Edward Green Audley. Right: Edward Green Dover in Mushroom suede.Left: Edward Green Audley. Right: Edward Green Dover in mushroom suede.
Edward Green Galway in mocca suede.Edward Green Galway in mocca suede
Edward Green Longacre in white calfskin.Edward Green Longacre in white calfskin
Edward Green Malvern in Otter suede, showing the directionality of suede.Edward Green Malvern in otter suede

A fresh batch of made-to-order shoes from Edward Green has arrived, and they’re as sharp as ever. Our fall trunk shows with EG are scheduled for October 2 and 3 in Chicago, and October 4 and 5 in New York. Schedule an appointment or drop in at your convenience.

Schedule an appointment

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Leffot Pre-owned: A Cut of Cordovan

A selection of rare shell cordovan colors are now available as part of our Pre-owned program, in limited sizes.

Shell cordovan is ideal for making beautiful, enduring footwear, and our friends at Alden of New England have perfected its use. One of the ways they’ve done this is by using shells tanned only by Horween Leather Company in Chicago, Illinois. Add to that a group of rare colors and you have a very special combination.

Alden x Leffot JC Indy – US 9D (Cigar)

Alden x Leffot JC Indy – US 9D.

Alden Penny Loafer – US 9D (Whiskey)

Alden Penny Loafer – US 9D.

Alden V-Tip – US 7D (Color 8)

Alden V-Tip – US 7D.

Alden Longwing – US 8.5D (Cigar)

Alden Longwing – US 8.5D.

Alden Tassel Loafer – US 7.5D (Ravello)

Alden Tassel Loafer – US 7.5D.

Alden Chukka Boot – US 8.5D (Ravello)

Alden Chukka Boot – US 8.5D.

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Properly box your shoes

We originally posted this back in 2011 and thought you might find it helpful.

Keeping your shoes stored properly not only saves space but also ensures your shoes will stay looking their best. There’s a very simple technique to keeping your shoes boxed properly, which we’ll demonstrate here. It might sound ridiculous but people get this wrong all the time.

For this demonstration we chose a pair of Edward Green Claverton’s in Dark Oak. Not all manufacturers use the same materials inside the box but the same steps apply for any pair. Edward Green happens to package their shoes very nicely. They use excellent packing materials and make a very good solid box.

The key is to lay the shoes in opposite directions, the first shoe with the arch facing down and the second facing up; that’s the way the boxes are designed to fit the shoes.

Lay open the covering.

Left shoe with arch facing down.

Cover the shoe.

Add protective padding if applicable.

Lay right shoe in the opposite direction with arch up

Cover again.

Lay Dust Bags on top.

Edward Green care guide on top of that.

And close the lid.

Of course not all shoes have cloth coverings and padding but almost all shoes have paper to layer between the shoes. Shoe trees can be kept in the shoes as well and if you don’t have cloth or paper to lay between the shoes keep them in the dust bags but lay them in the box the same way. It’s that simple.

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