Alden x Leffot Longwing, Color 8

This pair of color 8 longwings is one of our favorite Alden x Leffot shoes. The color 8 shell cordovan longwing is the “classic” Alden shoe, a monolith of American style and versatility. Our updated version is only slightly changed from the original, but the change makes all the difference.

Made with an antiqued sole edge and per-stitched reverse welt, the shoe is lustrous and sophisticated. Built on the Barrie last with oil soaked double waterlock soles for a softer, more flexible fit, they are sure to improve with age.

Features: Barrie Last, Color 8 Shell Cordovan, Double Waterlock Soles

Permanent Style presents: The Style Guide

The Style Guide is the latest book from Simon Crompton of Permanent Style, featuring street-style shots of some of the most stylish people in menswear. This is not just a collection of pretty images, but truly a guide to style: what makes it, what drives it, and how to reproduce it. Simon accompanies each image with a breakdown of the reasons the outfit works the way it does. It makes for a compendium of Permanent Style advice that’s a must for anyone interested in menswear.

John Lobb William II

John Lobb’s William II is a faultless take on the double monkstrap, and can live as many lives as you need them to. Sport them with jeans for a casual look, or pair them with a suit or sportcoat for something a little more formal. They’re also easy to wear — just slip them on, fasten the buckles, and you’ll be ready for anything.

Features: 9795 Last, Dark Brown Museum Calfskin, Double Leather Soles

Postponed: Ambrosi in New York

New York

July 12 – 13
11 am – 7 pm

Our Ambrosi trunk show is postponed until further notice. Check back here for updates.

We’re pleased to bring Salvatore Ambrosi, maker of the finest bespoke trousers, to Leffot for a trunk show. Renowned for their impeccable fit and comfort, his trousers feature extensive hand work, an extended waist band, double pleats, and a button cuff.

The Ambrosi family have been trouser makers for the past four generations. The Ambrosi legacy began during the economically testing time of the Second World War. Antonio Ambrosi seized the opportunity to provide practical work trousers in a time when formal suiting and sports jackets were considered frivolous. When Italy returned to normalcy, Ambrosi produced trousers for the most respected tailoring houses in Naples.

Appointments required.

Alden Dover, Brown CXL

The Alden Dover in brown chromexcel is an excellent choice for an easy dress shoe. Because they’re unlined, they are extremely cool and comfortable. These shoes feel like slippers from the moment you first slip them on. And unlike rubber sole shoes, the leather Flex soles give them the added versatility of being slightly dressier.

Features: Barrie Last, Brown Chromexcel, Flex Soles

Edward Green x Leffot Anniversary Shoes

In celebration of our ninth anniversary, we’ve made two limited edition Edward Greens from the very last of their mahogany pin grain calfskin. Both have are lined in green calfskin — the signature color also used on their boxes.

The first pair is one of our favorite shoes, the Dover. Handsewn with a pig’s bristle, it’s an elegant shoe that’s easy to dress up or down. We’ve done them on the 606 last with double leather soles. Only twelve pair available.

The second pair is Edward Green’s classic captoe balmoral, also known as the Chelsea. You don’t usually see this shoe on the 606 last, but we like its chiseled look paired with the pin-grained mahogany calfskin. Made on single leather shoes, we’ve limited the run to only six pairs.

Alden Unlined Penny Loafer, Snuff Suede

Alden’s unlined snuff suede loafer is possibly the easiest and most comfortable shoe you can get. They are a classic Alden model known as the Leisure Handsewn, or LHS for short, that’s built on the Van last. Made in unlined snuff suede, this shoe fits like a sock, wrapping your foot in light and vibrant suede. With its oil-soaked flex welt, these loafers are light and flexible. This is the kind of shoe that you forget you have on.

Features: Van Last, Unlined Snuff Suede, Flex Welt

Alden x Leffot Indy Boot, Natural CXL

The Natural Chromexcel Indy Boot is one of our most popular Alden makeups. Made with Horween’s extremely wearable Chromexcel leather, it will gain character and depth as it ages. Built on Commando soles, it will be durable and sure-footed in any number of situations.

Features: Trubalance Last, Horween Natural Chromexcel, Commando Soles

Alden Plain Toe Blucher in Color 8

Back in stock is Alden’s classic color 8 Plain Toe Blucher. It is the ultimate staple shoe — both simple and elegant, casual and austere, rugged and refined. The deep hue of its color 8 shell cordovan will match almost any color. It can be worn with anything from light jeans to a dark suit. Most important of all, cordovan’s easy maintenance and notorious long life will make these an everyday shoe for decades.

Features: Barrie Last, Color 8 Shell Cordovan, Double Leather Soles

Kreis Bleecker Belt

We stock our popular shell cordovan Bleecker Belt in black, color 8, bourbon, and mocca. Kreis makes these belts of genuine Horween shell corodvan, so they’re the perfect match to your longwings or plain to bluchers. They’ve crafted leather goods in Germany since 1963. There aren’t many shell belts around these days, and Kreis makes them as good as they get.

Features: Shell Cordovan, 35mm Wide, Brushed Nickel Buckle

Unlined suede for summer

Unlined suede makes for the perfect summer shoe. It’s soft, flexible, and comfortable, which means it’s easy to wear without socks.

Alden is well known for its unlined suede shoes. We’re stocking their chukka boot and Dover in snuff suede. Made on oil-soaked flex soles, they are light and flexible, perfect for wherever you may choose to go this summer.

Leffot gift cards

Leffot gift cards make the perfect present for dad this Father’s Day. They’re available in any denomination. Simply call, email, or visit either of our stores. These cards never expire and are valid toward any online purchase.

Jill Platner bracelets

Jill Platner jewelry is handmade in New York, each made of sterling silver on a crocheted cord with toggle clasp. They’re all personal pieces with a unique tactile quality. They’re gorgeous in photos, but there’s nothing like having one on your wrist.

Pantherella new arrivals

If you wear great shoes, you owe it to yourself to wear great socks. We recently added new models in linen and cotton from Pantherella. They’ll spice up an outfit without drawing unnecessary attention away from the man wearing them.

All Pantherella socks are made in England and hand-linked at the toe for maximum comfort. They have a satiny finish and a silky hand. You have to feel them to truly understand how luxurious they are. We stock models in both merino wool and cotton, so you’re covered year-round.

New York: Saint Crispin’s trunk show, June 12 and 13

New York

June 12 – 13
11 am – 7 pm

Headquartered in Austria and made in Romania, all Saint Crispin’s shoes are handcrafted by a small team of artisans. Their shoes are quite possibly as close to a bespoke fit as you will find in a ready to wear shoe. While that may sound like a big statement, in our opinion these shoes are top flight all the way.

The attention to detail is evident in all aspects of the shoes, not least of which is the fit. Saint Crispin’s designs their shoes with human engineering in mind. The heels are canted, which means the outside of the heel is slightly lower than the inside, as is the top line under the ankles, thus cradling your foot’s natural resting position.

The company’s business model is based on custom shoe orders, as such you will be offered a wide variety of models, leathers, and fits including individualized lasts. Your shoes will be delivered to you in approximately 8-10 weeks.

Appointments suggested.

Father’s Day gift ideas

June 18 is Father’s Day. We’ve got you covered with five gift ideas for dad. And if you don’t see anything here, we also offer gift cards in any denomination. Email us for more information.

The L

A good wallet can be hard to come by. Thankfully we have the L. It’s minimal, classic, and made from 100% Horween shell cordovan. With three slots for card or cash, it’s all you need to keep things organized.

Gimlet kit

Boot Black makes some of the highest-quality shoe care products around. Their Gimlet kit includes black and neutral shoe cream, two kinds of brushes, two chamois cloths, and shoe cleaner. It all comes in an elegant black box, so dad can finally ditch the tattered shoebox he’s been using.

Bleecker Belt

Kreis has been crafting leather goods in Germany since 1963. They’ve made our Bleecker Belt out of three pieces of shell cordovan. It’s the perfect match to a pair of Alden color 8 longwings or plain toe bluchers. There aren’t many shell belts around these days, and Kreis makes them as good as they get.

Abbeyhorn shoehorn

These beautiful shoehorns are both a one-of-a-kind handcrafted gift and a practical tool essential for preserving the life of your shoes. Made from real oxenhorn, each Abbeyhorn has a unique, natural pattern.

Jill Platner bracelet

Jill Platner jewelry is handmade in New York, each made of sterling silver on a crocheted cord with toggle clasp. They’re all personal pieces with a unique tactile quality. They’re gorgeous in photos, but there’s nothing like having one on your wrist.

The L wallet

We’ve partnered with Kreis to make the L wallet in genuine Horween shell cordovan. It’s the natural evolution of the Fold — minimal, classic, 100% shell. With three slots for card or cash, it’s all you need to keep things organized.

The L is available in color 8, bourbon, and black. It can be made-to-order in color 4, mocca, cognac, green, and navy. Contact us if you’d like to make an L to order.

Nackymade eyeglasses review and trunk show


October 3 – 4
10 am – 6 pm

Last February we hosted our first trunk show with Nackymade in our Chicago store. In case you’re not familiar, Nacky is a maker of high quality eyeglasses based in Kobe, Japan. He offers a range of unique styles, shapes, and colors that is highly customizable.

Being a new partner with Nacky, I was naturally intrigued with making a pair for myself. Nacky offers three tiers: ready-to-wear, made-to-order, and bespoke.

I went made-to-order. The process is simple. I started by trying on and selecting a shape, of which there’s an extensive selection. I settled on round (personal preference).

Next there is size, color, temple, and the character at the end of the arm (dragon is the signature). The choices can be overwhelming, but it was a lot of fun working with Nacky and his wife Mocky. They couldn’t be more friendly and helpful. Their advice and guidance is sincere and easygoing.

I received my frames this week, and I’m absolutely delighted with them. They came out exactly as I had envisioned. After a few slight fit adjustments by Nacky, they feel extremely comfortable and light on my face.>

I also gave them my prescription for progressive lenses. For an extra fee, the lenses were made and installed in Japan. They’re by far the best lenses I’ve ever had. And it eliminated the step of going to a shop and waiting for them to be made.

Nacky and Mocky will be back in our Chicago shop on Tuesday and Wednesday, October 3rd and 4th, from 10am to 6pm, alongside our store manager Sean Moran. They’ll bring with them a selection of ready-to-wear frames and sunglasses available for purchase.

Please send us an email to or call us at (312) 964-5345 to make an appointment. If you’re not sure of your schedule, feel free to stop in at your convenience. We’d love to see you (pun intended).

Shell cordovan watch straps

Shell cordovan watch straps

We all know that Horween Shell Cordovan leather is ideal for making beautiful, enduring footwear, but you may not have realized that its characteristics make a magnificent watch strap as well.

Available both lined and unlined, in a wide variety of colors, these straps are simple, durable, beautiful, and above all, comfortable. The strap will maintain a subtle luster throughout its lifespan, and gain character as it ages.