We love it when clients tell us how much they love their shoes. We particularly loved this letter because it was from one of our female clients that recently purchased a pair of Corthay Arca size 5.5. Incidentally she also has a pair of Edward Green Ladies boots on order in Olive Antique, which are going to be to die for…

Steven, I felt both chic and funky wearing my new Pierre Corthay shoes from Leffot yesterday.  I could run around my building at work without teetering on heels, which is more typical of me.  And yet, I felt sexy.  The shoes are so unusual for a woman that I felt like me, not following the masses but doing something special.  Your ideas and the service you have provided has made this experience so much fun.  I am going to bring my best friend in to look at flats and boots (she has larger feet, so may actually be a real size).  Thank you again.  I look forward to joining the ranks of the Leffot addicts.  Now I need to buy socks!

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