Recent Journal Entries

Thank you Floyd

For sixty years Floyd Gilmore dedicated his life to the Alden Shoe Company. He is a legend in the industry, a consummate sales professional, a friend and mentor. I learned a great deal about Alden and the shoe industry spending time with Floyd. We worked on so many great Alden make-ups over the years it’s impossible to remember them all. I’ll always be grateful for his patience, perspective and support he showed us over the years. To be a friend of Floyd is to be a part of his family, which is good enough for me. Because I can think more…

Hiro Yanagimachi trunk show

New York April 21 – 2211 am – 7 pm Chicago April 24 – 2510 am – 6 pm Hiro Yanagimachi joins us this week and next for our annual MTO trunk show. For those unfamiliar with Hiro, he is a master shoemaker, based in Tokyo. He moved to England in 1995, where he graduated first in his class from the prestigious London’s Cordwainer’s College. He then learned the techniques of bespoke shoemaking at John Lobb. Upon returning to Japan, Hiro started his own brand in 1999. The rest is history. Hiro is an extraordinary, meticulous craftsman in the fine more…


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