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Tag: Alden x Leffot

Alden x Leffot PT Boot, Brown CXL

Our new PT boot is a combination of a number of our favorite Alden things: brown chromexcel leather, the Barrie last, commando soles, brass eyelets, and a plain toe. All told these boots are extremely comfortable and stylish.

Its a super wearable boot that goes with just about anything, from jeans to a sport coat, an instant classic. Because its made with Horween Chromexcel and lugged commando soles, its as much at home on a hike as it is out to dinner. And did we mention they’re an instant classic?

Barrie Last, Brown Chromexcel, Brass Eyelets, Commando Sole

Alden Suede Longwings

Alden’s longwing is the perfect template for a number of different leathers, many of which are suedes. Suede works especially well with the longwing style, not only because it adds casual style to a classic, ornate design, but because its texture compliments the broguing on a wingtip like no other leather.

We now have both the Navy Suede and Snuff Suede longwings in stock. The Navy exhibits beautiful contrast with its natural edge and brass eyelets. The Snuff Suede is all about the leather, rich, bright, and perfect with jeans.

Barrie Last, Navy Suede, Antiqued Edge, Double Waterlock Soles

Barrie Last, Snuff Suede, Single Waterlock Soles, Antique Edge

New Alden Restocks

After a long and patient wait, many of our reorders of Alden shoes are starting to roll in. While many pairs have already been purchased through our Pre-order page, there are select sizes still in stock. Please click the links to see availability if you would like to purchase a pair.

Natural CXL Indy Boot, Trubalance Last, Natural Chromexcel, Commando Soles

Tobacco Chamois Longwing, Barrie Last, Tobacco Chamois, Commando Soles

Navy Suede Indy Boot, Trubalance Last, Navy Suede, Brick Micro Soles

Black Alpine Grain Longwing, Barrie Last, Black Alpine Grain Calfskin, Commando Soles

Alden x Leffot LWB, Brown Alpine Grain

Once again we draw from the well of Longwing Blucher’s and draw upon this all weather version. Made by Alden expressly for Leffot this LWB in Brown Alpine Grain is ideal for foul weather. In addition to the rugged yet supple leather uppers we have built this shoe on plantation crepe soles to keep moisture out and comfort in.

This is the first release of this shoe, a cousin of our black Alpine Grain LWB, that is a perennial favorite.

Barrie Last, Brown Alpine Grain, Plantation Crepe Soles

Alden x Leffot Brown Chromexcel Longwing

Alden’s Longwing Blucher is a classic for a reason. It is one of the most versatile dress shoes you can find, floating through a wide range of occasions. It’s versatility allows for a swath of variations. This version comes in soft and supple brown chromexcel leather, flexible double waterlock soles, and agatine eyelets, a significantly more rugged and casual take on the classic.

One can choose to treat this shoe as either a casual or dress shoe. Use Montana Pitch Blend’s waxy leather dressing to protect it from the rain and keep the leather soft or use Saphir Renovateur and Wax Polish to dress them up and polish to a high gloss. Either way, they’ll look great for years.

Barrie Last, Brown Chromexcel, Double Waterlock Soles

Alden x Leffot Snuff Suede LWB, Re-Issue

Snuff suede, doesn’t every shoe simply look better in it? The Alden Longwing Blucher is no exception. These shoes are a pleasure to wear not only because they’re so damn good looking, but they also feel like slippers.

The combination of velvety soft suede and the flexible double waterlock soles will have you wanting to wear these everyday.

LWB Barrie Last, Snuff Suede, Waterlock Soles