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Alden Dover, Brown Chromexcel

Alden Dover, brown CXL

The Alden Dover in brown chromexcel is an excellent choice for an easy dress shoe. Because they’re unlined, they are extremely cool and comfortable. These shoes feel like slippers from the moment you first slip them on. And unlike rubber sole shoes, the leather Flex soles give them the added versatility of being slightly dressier.

Features: Barrie Last, Brown Chromexcel, Flex Soles


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Alden Plain Toe Boot

Alden Plain Toe Boots

Alden’s plain toe boot is a combination of a number of our favorite Alden things: black chromexcel leather, the Barrie last, crepe soles, brass eyelets, and a plain toe. All told, these boots are extremely comfortable and stylish. They’re super wearable in a number of situations, and because they’re made with Horween Chromexcel and plantation crepe soles, they’re as comfortable as they are good-looking.

Features: Barrie Last, Black or Brown Chromexcel, Brass Eyelets, Plantation Crepe Soles


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Alden Captoe Boots

Alden Captoe Boots

It doesn’t get much better than Alden boots. These captoes are available in black or brown calfskin on the Plaza last. It makes for an elegant look that’s at home with anything from jeans to a suit.

Features: Plaza Last, Black or Brown Calfskin, Double Leather


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Alden Longwing, Brown CXL

Alden Longwing, Brown CXL

No one makes longwing bluchers like Alden, and these brown LWBs are guaranteed to turn heads. They’re fully equipped with supple Horween Chromexcel, an antique edge, and flex soles. The Barrie last is roomy and comfortable, which makes for a super easy fit. All combined, it makes for one good-looking pair of shoes.

Features: Barrie Last, Brown CXL, Antique Edge, Double Waterlock Soles


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Now available: Alden x Leffot Indy Boot, Natural CXL

Our Alden x Leffot Indy Boots in natural CXL are now available for exclusive pre-order.

Stock sizes are available to purchase online. The stock size range is 7D to 12D and 7.5E to 10.5E.

Sizes outside this range are available by request. Please email by Wednesday, September 14. We will let you know if your size can be made.

We do not accept pre-orders over the phone.

For more information on the pre-order process, please view our Alden pre-order guide. We also suggest reading our pre-order policy.

Features: Trubalance Last, Horween Natural Chromexcel, Commando Soles


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Alden x Leffot Indy