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Tag: Arca

Corthay Arca

The ever elegant and versatile Arca by Pierre Corthay is now available in Aubergine and Black calf with red piping. Without doubt the quintessential Corthay model, the Arca is stylish and sophisticated, utterly genius in its simplicity, and fits like a glove. If you buy one pair of Corthay shoes this year, you won’t go wrong if it’s an Arca.

Pullman Last, Aubergine Calfskin, Single Leather Soles

Pullman Last, Black Calfskin with Red Piping, Single Leather Soles

Corthay MTO

On a recent trip to Paris I paid visit to our friend Pierre Corthay. Pierre’s shoes are cool and urbane like the man himself, a true pleasure to encounter and a special treat to wear. A delivery of Corthay MTO shoes has arrived and we present a few for your viewing pleasure.

Arca Sévres Last, Bleu Fonce Patent Leather, Red Piping – MTO

Bucy, Sévres Last, Lie de Vin – MTO

Casanova, Casanova Last, Caviar Patina, Red Piping – MTO

Rascaille, Sévres Last, Ecureuil Suede, Contrast Stitching – MTO

Arca Sévres Last, Olive Patina – MTO

Wilfrid, Odeon Last, Canon de Fusil /Grey Suede, Lilac Laces – MTO

Corthay MTO

Corthay shoes are many things, elegant, streamline, and sophisticated are a few adjectives that come to mind. But one thing they are not and that is for the faint of heart.

Case in point is this pair of Arca in Framboise patent leather with silk ribbons and pom-poms. These are the kind of shoes that make you stop in your tracks and say “holy crap”. They’re just begging to be spooned over a dish of vanilla ice cream.

And the Bella in dark Lie de Vin with granny apple piping is a deep rich wine that settles over you like a tonic. It’s all about simple design, meticulous execution and the use of color and materials that set Corthay in a class of his own.

Arca 001 Last, Framboise Patent, Silk Ribbons with Pom-Poms – MTO

Bella 001 Last, Lie de Vin Calfskin, Granny Apple Piping – MTO

Pierre Corthay Arca, Vieux Bois

The Arca is the quintessential Corthay shoe. It’s sleek and elegant, simplicity at its finest. In subtle Vieux Bois, this shoe is light, rich, and versatile.

The color wonderfully displays Corthay’s unmatched staining technique, with dynamic color and impressive shine. Put these on with anything from jeans to a suit and you will have mountains of style.

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001 Last, Vieux Bois, Single Leather Soles