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Bespoke Brogues by Dimitri Gomez

The other day, our friend Justin FitzPatrick featured a pair of bespoke brogues that belong to our owner, Steven Taffel, on his blog. Read what he had to say:

A full brogue has a lot of hole punching on it. And it’s interesting to think that a model adopted from a shoe that used to let water go through, found in the marshlands of Scotland has become such a staple piece in dress footwear. And yet its funny that people will be afraid to wear a navy blue shoe yet will wear a shoe that has holes everywhere. Collective societal thinking is an interesting thing. But now you add even more brogueing on the facing of the shoe, make it burgundy and boom, you have the mother of all brogues as it just takes it that one step further yet adds the twist of a u-cap that really takes it to the top level. And while it is a lot of brogueing on one shoe, no one can deny its beauty. Now the question is are we going to see Mr. Steven Taffel, the proud owner of them (and shop Leffot), wearing them on his Instagram account??

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Gaziano and Girling Bespoke Shoes

It’s difficult to overstate what a talented designer Tony Gaziano is and what a fine shoemaker Dean Girling is. The beauty of this pair is the sleekness, the angles, and the color.

G&G Bespoke shoes, made to the exact specifications of your foot on a personally crafted last, are generally lighter in weight, have less volume in the instep and very tight waists through the soles. Every aspect of the making is hand done and the high level of craftsmanship comes thru in the best possible way. Each shoe is one of a kind.

If you’ve ever considered owning a pair of bespoke shoes I highly recommend a pair by G&G they are most excellent. You can have measurements taken for your very own pair at our Trunk Show tomorrow, Friday, October 19th.


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Gaziano and Girling Deco and Bespoke

Gaziano and Girling’s Deco and Bespoke ranges are some of the most refined shoes you can find anywhere. Attention is paid to every single detail, from the subtle broguing and burnishing to the flared waist and even the shoe trees.

Gaziano and Girling will be in the store on Monday, April 23rd to exhibit samples in a variety of style. Dean Girling will be on hand from 11-7 come by to have a pair of shoes made to order or simply to enjoy the view.

Rogers, Deco Last, Bleached Black Calf, Single Leather Soles

Side Laced Wholecut, Bespoke Last, Cherry Calf, Single Leather Soles

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