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Corthay Chukka, Squirrel Suede

Corthay’s Chukka takes Corthay highly individual style and applies it to a very versatile shoe. It’s sleek last and unique coloring will makes this shoe both versatile and distinctive.

Pullman Last, Squirrel Suede, Evalite Soles

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Corthay Chukka, Squirrel Suede

Edward Green HT Galway

The Galway is a most classic English Country Boot, yet quite urbane by today’s standards. The HT Galway is an exclusive limited edition version of this classic that we’ve designed for summer wear. Made with a cotton twill upper and slim rubber soles, they pair well with seersuckers or tropical wools. Boots don’t have to be rugged to get the job done, but they do need to be well made, and Edward Green makes them as good as they get.

Available two ways: Burnt Pine and Khaki, or Chameleon and Olive. Made on the 82 last with R1 soles.

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Edward Green HT Galway

Alden x Leffot Cooney Boot, Humus Suede

The Cooney is a soft, comfortable, flexible boot that looks great with basically any outfit, from jeans to casual suits. This is our third iteration of the Cooney, now done in easy-to-wear Humus suede. It’s a masterpiece of a shoe, designed and named after one of our particularly discerning customers.

Aberdeen Last, Humus Suede, Flex Soles

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Alden x Leffot Cooney, Humus Suede