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Saint Crispin’s 403CP

We’ve done the 403CP in shrunken calf, which is a special leather that’s exclusive to Saint Crispin’s. The distinct texture is created by steaming the hides, which causes them to shrink as they dry. It creates the rugged yet refined look that makes these boots unique.

Sailor Last, SHR 078, Vibram Soles

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Saint Crispin's 403CP

Edward Green Nevis, Burgundy Delapre

The Nevis is a cross between two of Edward Green’s most classic models: the Dover and the Galway. It’s a rugged country boot made on dainite soles with a split toe and shearling-lined shaft. The burgundy delapre is an easy alternative to brown, and pairs well with greys, khakis, and browns.

606 Last, Burgundy Delapre, Dainite Soles

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Edward Green Nevis, Burgundy Delapre

Alden x Leffot Bristol Boot

The Bristol boot puts a twist on our classic Greenwich boots. Instead of the rounded toe box of the Barrie last, the Bristol is made on the Plaza, with its square toe. We’ve done them in color 8 shell cordovan on comfortable flex soles, which makes them great for dressing up or down.

Plaza Last, Color 8 Shell Cordovan, Flex Soles

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Alden x Leffot Bristol Boot, Color 8