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Edward Green Cardiff, Snuff Suede

Edward Green Cardiff, snuff suede

Contrary to popular opinion, quality suede is one of the most versatile and comfortable shoe leathers you can invest in. We’ve paired Edward Green’s classic captoe Cardiff blucher with fine-grained snuff suede and leather soles. They pair great with just about any color or texture. We’d wear them with a grey flannel suit for an elegant cold-weather look.

Features: 202 Last, Snuff Suede, H/AF Leather Soles


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Norman Vilalta re-stock


Today we received a re-stock of Norman Vilalta’s brown derby and oxford. As part of his Savile Row Meets Rock ’n’ Roll Collection, these shoes combine a classic pattern with rugged Gumlite soles in a modern deconstruction of the dress shoe. Made in patinated pebble grain calfskin, they’re undeniably unique but eminently wearable in a variety of situations. Any shoe from Norman Vilalta is a work of art, and these belong in your personal collection.


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Saint Crispin’s 542ST Derby

Black shoes are underrated. They’re classic, elegant, and more versatile than you might believe. With a cap toe, medallion, and broguing throughout, the 542ST is less formal than most other shoes we stock in black.

Classic Last, CRU 999, Wood Pegged Soles

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Saint Crispin's 542ST

Edward Green Grosvenor

Edward Green’s Grosvenor is made on the 915 last, which is the heir to the 82 last. Its toe box has sculpted sides and has been slightly extended from the 82. Made in black calfskin, it’s a simple three-eyelet derby that’s easy to wear with suits.

915 Last, Black Calfskin, Single Leather Soles

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Alden x Leffot NST Blucher

Split toes have no cap, no wing, and no broguing, but they’re still a classic shoe that deserves a place in every wardrobe. This pair is a twist on Alden’s classic NST model. We’ve made them in color 8 shell cordovan with an antique edge and double flex soles. With a hand sewn stitch along the vamp and toe, they are a thing to behold.

Aberdeen Last, Color 8 Shell Cordovan, Double Flex Soles

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Alden x Leffot NST Blucher

Corthay Arca, Burgundy Suede

This is the quintessential Corthay shoe: simple, sleek, and painstakingly detailed. The Arca is surprisingly versatile while remaining highly distinctive. Pair with with anything from a casual look to a suit and you will look sharper than ever.

Pullman Last, Burgundy Suede, Single Leather Soles

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