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We’re very excited about this new monk strap shoe by Edward Green the Arlington has an air of stateliness about it. In particular we love the large holes and the size of the buckle. This is a shoe that pairs well with a flannel chalk stripe suit, slacks and a blazer or jeans.

Arlington 202 Last, Burgundy Antique Calf

Boots By EG

Boots were big last fall and all by all indication they’ll continue to be a strong footwear style this year. Of course there are all types of boots from rugged to refined. When it comes to the refined category Edward Green is the boot of choice around here bar none.

All the boots below were made to order with the exception of the Galway Dark Oak/ Walnut Country Calf, which we’ll be stocking again this fall. Delivery for EG MTO’s is currently the end of November. If you’re considering placing an order for a pair for fall now is the time.

Galway 82 Last Dark Oak/Walnut Country Calf, Dainite Soles

Halifax 202 Last Bauxite Antique

Banbury 888 Last Black Calf HAF Soles

Gresham 888 Last Chestnut Antique

Shannon 888 Last Burnt Pine Antique, Double Leather Soles

Galway 888 Last Black Calf/Black Country Calf, Dainite Soles

Silverstone 888 Last Hazel Antique


Yes summer has just begun but now is the time to plan ahead. That is if you’re considering a special pair of boots for fall. This pair of Edward Green Shannon’s might fit the bill. Our customer who ordered these had the foresight to do it early. She’s also a lady who has exceptional taste. Enjoy them well Beth.

Shannon 888 Last Dark Oak/Mink Suede

Top Drawer Beaulieu

“Top Drawer” the words themselves conjure an air of distinction; so it’s by no small accident that Edward Green Top Drawer shoes have finishings among the finest of their kind. The Top Drawer program is an excellent choice if you fit comfortably in an EG last and desire finer finishings without going full bespoke.

Most models can be crafted TD which features a tighter and pronounced beveled waist, spade soles and finely turned edges at the waist. Edward Green shoes are oh so sweet, which makes Top Drawer the icing on the cake.

Edward Green Top Drawer Beaulieu 82 Last Dark Oak Antique – MTO*

*MTO footwear is not part of our stock lines they are Made To Order.