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Tag: Gaziano and Girling

Gaziano and Girling Bespoke Shoes

It’s difficult to overstate what a talented designer Tony Gaziano is and what a fine shoemaker Dean Girling is. The beauty of this pair is the sleekness, the angles, and the color.

G&G Bespoke shoes, made to the exact specifications of your foot on a personally crafted last, are generally lighter in weight, have less volume in the instep and very tight waists through the soles. Every aspect of the making is hand done and the high level of craftsmanship comes thru in the best possible way. Each shoe is one of a kind.

If you’ve ever considered owning a pair of bespoke shoes I highly recommend a pair by G&G they are most excellent. You can have measurements taken for your very own pair at our Trunk Show tomorrow, Friday, October 19th.


Gaziano and Girling Hayes

The Gaziano & Girling Hayes is one of the brands most popular models. It uses a unique combination of clean sharp lines and diamond-shaped broguing at the U throat, creating an elegant, modern shoe.

Vintage Rioja is a dark, rich burgundy. It subtle color, but it contributes a lot of character to a simple shoe. Paired with greys and blues, it will shine.

TG73 Last, Vintage Rioja, Oak Bark Soles

Gaziano and Girling Gable

Gaziano and Girling’s Gable is one of their most unique shoes. Its distinct stitching pattern is unmatched. Its simple yet eyecatching design make it an elegant shoe that gives one an air of sophistication and modernity.

Made in rich Polo suede for summer, the Gable pairs well with a number weekday outfits from odd jackets to suits. It is a wholecut shoe, so despite its intricate design, it has the comfort of a shoe made from a single piece of leather.

Check Availability HERE

MH71 Last, Polo Suede, Single Leather Soles

Gaziano and Girling Hove

Peccary leather is often used for gloves. It’s light weight and softness make it perfect for the nimble action needed in the sensitive areas of the palm and fingers, and its surprising durability make it very useful for the constant gripping of objects and surfaces.

We’ve made Gaziano & Girling’s hand-stitched reverse split toe shoe, the Hove, in beautiful dark brown Peccary leather, the hide of the Peccary boar. These shoes have a uniquely textured finish, blucher style lacing, and single leather soles, making for a lightweight, supple, refined casual shoe.

Check Availability HERE

TG73 Last, Oak Pig Skin, Single Leather Soles