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John Lobb Philip II Re-Stock

We’ve just received a restock of John Lobb’s Philip II in Dark Brown Museum calfskin. It’s a classic, understated captoe whose elegance can be seen in its beveled waist, a feature of all Prestige collection shoes, and in the subtle punching on its cap, which makes the shoe slightly less formal than the City II. They’re versatile and elegant, and perfect for wearing with a suit, but also not out of place with jeans.

7000 Last, Dark Brown Museum Calfskin, Single Leather Soles

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Philip II, Dark Brown Museum Calfskin

Restock: Kreis x Leffot Bleecker Belt

We’ve just received a restock of our popular Bleecker Belt by Kreis. It’s made of three pieces of shell cordovan for the perfect match to your color 8 longwings or plain toe bluchers. There aren’t many shell belts around these days, and Kreis makes them as good as they get.

Bleecker Belt, Color 8 Shell Cordovan, 35mm Wide, Brushed Nickel Buckle

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Kreis x Leffot Bleecker Belt

Deer Bone Restock

We’ve just restocked our popular deer bone for polishing cordovan. The oils inside this deer bone, when rubbed into shell cordovan leather, will restore uniformity to the color and smooth over scratches. It can even remove some small creases and welts. This is the secret weapon for polishing shell cordovan shoes.

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Abbeyhorn Deer Bone