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Edward Green Portland

These travel shoes are so lightweight and comfortable that you might forget you’re wearing them. Since they’re suede, they’re extremely soft and will form to the shape of your foot. Put them on, kick back, and enjoy your flight in style.

Features: 389 last, Calico Baby Calf Suede, Cemented Leather Soles


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Gaziano & Girling Holkham, Mole Suede

The Holkham by Gaziano and Girling is a modern sleek take on the classic penny loafer design. Their Mole suede is subdued and elegant, and a perfect match for any number of outfits. The entire ensemble makes for a loafer that is classic and eminently wearable.

Features: KN14 Last, Mole Suede, Single Leather Soles


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Gaziano & Girling Holkham

Edward Green Duke

What can we say about a classic? The Duke is a new penny loafer from Edward Green that was inspired by one of the most classic gentlemen, the Duke of Windsor. Available in three colors on two different soles, it’s easy to wear in any number of situations.

137 Last; Bauxite, Navy, or Loden; Single Leather Soles

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