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Pantherella Socks

If you wear great shoes, you owe it to yourself to wear great socks. We recently added some new merino socks from Pantherella to our stock. They’ll spice up an outfit without drawing unnecessary attention away from the man wearing them.

All Pantherella socks are made in England and hand-linked at the toe for maximum comfort. They have a satiny finish and a silky hand. You have to feel them to truly understand how luxurious they are. We offer models in both merino wool and cotton, so you’re covered year-round.

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Pantherella and Scott-Nichol Socks

If you wear great shoes you owe it to yourself to wear great socks to match. We recently expanded our stock of high quality socks to include soft and supple hosiery from both Pantherella and Scott-Nichol.

In addition to our usual mid-calf socks in solids and stripes, we now carry heavier weight argyle styles, solid over-the-calf dress socks, and heavy ribbed wool socks from Scott-Nichol, all made in England with hand-linked toes.

Solid Cotton Mid-Calf

Solid Merino Mid-Calf

Argyle Merino Mid-Calf

Heavy Ribbed Merino Mid-Calf

Striped Merino Mid-Calf

Solid Merino Over-the-Calf

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