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Gaziano & Girling St. James

Gaziano & Girling’s St. James is a somewhat sauce captoe oxford. Made on the soft square MH71 last in Vintage Oak we think this shoe is among their best looking. G&G creates contemporary designs of traditional English shoes bench-made in their factory in Kettering, UK.

Founded by Tony Gaziano and Dean Girling in 2006 they are recognized as elite shoemakers around the world. Tony Gaziano will be here May 14th for our next G&G Trunk Show we hope to see you there.

St. James MH71 Last, Vintage Oak, Oak Bark Soles

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Gaziano & Girling “Oxford”

There is no other shoe that epitomizes the traditional “Business Shoe” like a black captoe oxford. There’s no end of black captoe oxfords out there but then there is Gaziano & Girling’s “Oxford” which takes the genre to a whole other level.

The narrow waist and extended toe box of this shoe is what gives them their graceful and urbane appearance. And because it’s a perennial classic these shoes are forever in style. And for the first time we are now stocking this beauty on the G&G soft square MH71 last.

Oxford MH71 Last, Black Calf, Oak Bark Soles

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Gaziano & Girling Trunk Show

We cordially invite you to join us for a trunk show with Gaziano & Girling, October 19th from 11:00 am – 7:00 pm.

Founded in 2006, Gaziano & Girling are among England’s most talented shoemakers.

Tony Gaziano has been instrumental in the design and development of shoe ranges for many premier quality brands.

Dean Girling has produced high quality shoes for some of London’s finest bespoke houses. He is recognized in the trade as an artist and a craftsman of exceptional skill.

G&G shoes are not hard to like. Their passion for design and construction of fine men’s shoes has produced some startling handsome models.

The show will present shoes Made to Order featuring a range of ready to wear models, as well as the outstanding Deco range on another level, both in style and make.

Dean will be here one day only to accept orders. If you are enthusiast fine English shoes you cannot afford to miss this event.

Buccleigh DG70 Last, Polo Suede – MTO

Grant TG73 Last, Vintage Oak – MTO

Woburn MH71 Last, Vintage Cherry – MTO

Kent DG70 Last, Vintage Cedar/Polo Suede – MTO

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