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Edward Green Trunk Show Spring 2009

I’m very pleased to announce that Leffot will host our next Edward Green Trunk Show on Saturday May 16th. Please join Mr. Robert Godley of Edward Green and myself from 11-6 p.m. as we happily assist you in creating your own unique pair of shoes or boots.

The Shepton Edwardian Antique on the 888 Last*

Edward Green’s MTO program allows you to work with existing patterns, leathers, and lasts to create an individual pair of shoes. You personalize it by selecting the colors, calf or suede, sole type, single, double or rubber and in about 14 weeks your shoes will be on their way to you.

As a special courtesy to our clients, the Edward Green single pair make up fee of $100 will be waived on all orders placed on the day of the event. This is a great opportunity to view many Edward Green styles in one place; I hope you’ll join us.

In case you need a little inspiration to get your creative juices flowing, click here.

*Shepton MTO shown above orderd at our prior show.

Women’s Shoes Take Flight

We originally had in mind to present a few women’s shoes by Church’s because we’d picked up on a number of comments made by women about their love of men’s shoes.

Well, we’re very happy to report that not only have the shoes been well received they’re selling quite well. I think that’s because they’re cool looking in a downtown sort of way and very comfortable. We’ve recently added a plain toe derby the Shannon in Sandalwood but our best seller is the black patent leather, stamped faux snake Thalia.

Church’s is an old English company that still produces their men’s shoes in their Northampton factory, but the women’s shoes are produced in Italy. I think it translates very well.

If Anyone Can Church’s Can

As in all aspects of life people have their preconceived ideas and it’s no different when it comes to shoes. I like Church’s English Shoes for a number of reasons.

They have longevity; they make classic/traditional shoes, and have now expanded to Woman’s styles. They have a large core stock in the UK and if we need a shoe it can usually be here via FedEx within a week if it’s on the shelf.

But one of the things I like most about them is that for a large company by Northampton standards they are incredibly flexible and reliable.

This past summer a client was looking for a pair of the Consul’s and wanted them in Tabacco Nevada Calf, which we sell, but he needed a UK size 5F. Not a problem, after we tried a similar shoe on the same last an MTO pair was made for him. His delight of being able to wear “men’s” shoes and not having to shop in the boys department was life changing for him.

On the other end of the scale is our client Mitch who wears a UK 13G that’s a US 14EEE. He’s ordered the Grafton and we have just received two pairs of Shannon’s one in Black the other in Light Ebano. He too is extremely excited to be able to get the kind of shoes he’s always wanted without having to search for a needle in a haystack.

Shannon in Black Polished Binder Polished Binder on Dainite Soles Size UK 13G

Shannon in Light Ebano Polished Binder on Dainite Soles Size UK 13G

As Ed Sullivan would have said “A really big shoe”

Edward Green MTO part II

Enough spectators for now. As promised here are some other EG MTO’s we received last week.

The Shannon in Midnight Blue Calf and Blue Suede Shaft on the 888 last

And for all the Cordovan lovers Edward Green as produced the following by special request:

The Westwood in Whiskey Crup on the 888 Last

The Holburn in Burgundy Crup on the 888 Last with Double Sole (Now being changed to HAF soles)

The cordovan on these shoes are not only beautiful but supple as well,  a true treat for the lover of cordovan.

Shannon in Cordovan

Yesterday my wife and I visited the Church’s store, the purpose of the trip was to find her some new shoes for fall. Needless to say she accomplished that task quite successfully and I’ll post the Women’s shoes she bought in the future.

What I was not prepared for was to find a pair of Shannon’s in burgundy Crup (Cordovan). They were the last pair and surprisingly my size. I waffled between the Shannon and the Grafton when I selected the shoes for the store, in the end deciding on the Grafton in black and Sandalwood. I felt the Shannon was to overpowering in Sandalwood and a little to “cop shoe” in black. I think I made the right choice because the Grafton is selling very well in both colors.

Now this Shannon in an antiqued waxy finish appears and I immediately see a place for it (besides on my foot). I really like the coloring and finish, the double leather soles, rolled black leathery laces and the heavy half moon stitching at the bottom of the throat all of which add guts and muscle to this shoe.

Here are a couple of links to cordovan tanneries you might like to visit. Horween Leather Co. in Chicago the last producer of cordovan in the U.S. and Shinki-Hikaku Co. in Japan. Incidentally there is an article about this tannery in “Last” magazine Vol. 11.