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Deer Bone Restock

We’ve just restocked our popular deer bone for polishing cordovan. The oils inside this deer bone, when rubbed into shell cordovan leather, will restore uniformity to the color and smooth over scratches. It can even remove some small creases and welts. This is the secret weapon for polishing shell cordovan shoes.

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Deer bone

Abbeyhorn restock

We’ve just received a restock of some of our most popular shoe care products by Abbeyhorn. Each product is an astounding piece of craftsmanship, made with the highest quality materials.

Abbeyhorn brushes are hand carved from Oxen horn. Each horn is uniquely different due to its color and texture. The process requires considerable skill of the horn worker from the first cut of the horn to ensure that the resultant shoehorn becomes a much-cherished item. Therefore the carver must work with the horn while carving to bring out the special quality of each, and no two are exactly alike.

These shoe brushes, suede brushes, and shoehorns will age beautifully, along with your shoe collection.

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La Cordonnerie Anglaise Shoe Shine Kits

The holiday season will soon be upon us, and you may find yourself in need of gift ideas. These shoe care kits from La Cordonnerie Anglaise are just the ticket. As they age they’ll take on a character of their own, and are something to pass among generations.

Polishing your shoes is an important part of taking care of them, and there isn’t a better or more luxurious way to store your waxes, creams, and brushes than in boxes and travel pouches from La Cordonnerie Anglaise. They make what are simply the finest shoe shine kits available. Each comes with a selection of creams and horsehair brushes for you to get started.

La Cordonnerie Anglaise Shoe Shine Kits

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